Extension Cords
Extension Cords

4 Tips to Organize Your Extension Cords

Sometimes your home garage is more than just a place to keep your car. It can also serve as a mini-workplace to handle little repairs at home. Usually, there are times when you don’t bother organizing your garage space after work thinking it’s a less important task. However, a lot is at stake if you leave your garage tied down by disorganized power tools.

Many homeowners will agree there is nothing worse than having untangled wires and extension cords thrown all over the floor. The clatter can disrupt your home garage ambience and threaten your safety. Even worse, it takes much of your time accessing the extension cords when left untangled and poorly kept.

Planning Your Extension Cords Storage

Lack of proper organization and storage for extension cords is always a challenge for most people. Whether in your home garage or the living room space, finding the right organization solutions for your extension cords will restore order to your home. More so, it’s one of the key extension cord safety tips that prevent potential damage and accidental tripping over the loose cables.

Another key benefit of organizing your extensions is increased convenience. It’s more appropriate to organize and store the extension cords in a good place than to leave them on the floor. Throwing your extension cord until the next time you use it leads to tangling and probably reduces their life span.

By properly organizing your extension cords, you’re guaranteed safety and convenience. There’ll be no more kicking loose cables on the floor or digging through boxes in search of one. But achieving all this will first require you to learn organization tips. Follow these four useful tips to create a tidy space free form extension cord snarl-up.

Hang the Extension Cords High

Hanging the extension cords on the wall is one of the safest ways to organize your garage and ensure maximum safety. It first requires you to have a heavy-duty hook that can support the weight of the cord when hanging on the wall.

Start by making a loop in your extension cord by tying a simple knot. The loop is important as it supports the weight of the cord that would otherwise dangle to the ground. Any hook will do, ranging from nails or objects hammered into the wall.

It’s best if you have a hook that’ll carry the extension cord for as long as you wish without crashing onto the ground. Ensure you loop the extension cords in the same direction if they are many to avoid tangling.

Use an Extension Cord Organizer

Try using extension cord organizers if you find it quite burdensome to hang your extension cords on a hook. These are simple small straps designed to hold and keep your extension cords neat and organized. Most of them are designed from high-density, super-sturdy material capable of holding up to 22 kg of extension load.

The best thing about extension cord organizers is that they are specially designed for the job. This way, you don’t have to worry about damaging the cables or the switch power cord. In addition, extension cord organizers come with strong hanger buckles with big holes for convenience.

You can easily hang the cord organizer on the wall for better convenience. Most extension cord organizers can also be adjusted to accommodate the size and weight of your extension cord.

Buy Extension Cord Wraps

Besides extension cord organizers and hooks, organizing your extension cords using cord wraps will also suffice. This makes more sense, especially if you plan to manage your extension cords in one coil. The best cord wraps usually come with a small hole that lets you keep the strap wrapped around the extension cord when not in use. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need a cord wrap that fits your extension cord.

You don’t have to go big and purchase new cord wraps. You can get a reusable and more reliable cord wrap for your extension cord for a simple amount. Depending on your choice of a cord wrap, ensure you have one that stays put when you unwrap your extension cord.

Store Your Extension Cord on Mounted Cord Reels

A mounted cable reel serves many functions in your garage. One of the critical functions is to keep your extension cords organized. Cord reels are helpful if you prefer keeping your extension cords in one place for easy handling and accessibility.

It makes putting the extension cord away much more accessible than most other storage options. Mounted cord reels conveniently organize your extension cords to maintain the minimum load.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your extension cords safe and well organized has many benefits. First, it will conserve space for storing other power tools. Organizing your extension cords is also a safety handling measure that’ll protect your workshop from unnecessary mishaps. Bee keen to follow the above-stated tips for easy and safe maintenance of your extension cords and the space at large.

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