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5 Apps That Are All Set To Make Their Mark in 2022 As Well

As the corporate sector continues to evolve, we are witnessing the addition of new apps each passing day. Add COVID-19 to the mix, and we have a digital world blossoming with innovations!

The limitless potentials of smartphone apps have confirmed that upcoming years will witness a dynamic virtual arena. Be it entertainment or work; we can access a gazillion opportunities with a few clicks.

Statista found that there will be a projected 7.49 billion mobile users in the world by 2025. People are bound to spend time on apps when they possess a smartphone.

The last two years were the most turbulent in history. The changes in the past two years make it safe to state that consumer trends are about to change. An online magazine, eMarketer, found that an average US adult has increased their time spent on mobiles by 31 minutes in 2022. They spend 88% of this time using mobile applications.

The global transition has sparked the growth of new apps. However, some apps are predicted to walk the success path as the previous years. This is due to their unique framework and distinct ideologies.

Let’s look at some apps that are set to make their mark in 2022 as well:

  1. Uber

Uber sprouted with a new idea of ride-sharing, which gained an immense population. Today, it connects 103 million drivers in more than 70 countries across the globe.

The users can use this application to submit trip requests towards a destination they want to visit. The app sends this request to a nearby driver and indicates the driver’s location to the user. Any driver who accepts the ride is provided with the user’s location.

The app calculates the driver’s navigation route and helps in calculating the fare. The app transfers the payment to the driver using the mode chosen by the users.

Uber provides rides of all kinds. You can select the appearance, comfort, and size of the vehicles. And the best part is that the app has a door-to-door safety standard. These measures encourage shared responsibility and include a health guide mandating the users and drivers to adhere to the COVID-19 precautions.

The seamless payment process of Uber and its GPS integration with Google Maps has made it an all-time favorite. It is anticipated to keep making its mark in 2022 with new developments.

  • Instagram

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. With its innovative ideas and quirky theme, the app attracts people.

The app has rolled out tons of features in the past year, indicating their inclination to innovation.

Essentially, this photo-sharing application enabled people to share snaps of their lives and live stream videos. Some more developments they introduced in 2021 and continue optimizing in 2022 are:

  • Instagram reels that align with your niche and help you to reach new audiences
  • You can tap into new audiences by co-authoring a reel with other users
  • The Instagram story highlights enable you to provide the audience with a quick overview of your content
  • The Instagram guides allow you to provide a valuable service to your community

Instagram is a valuable arsenal for business people. No wonder people say that the growth of businesses now depends on virtual phone systems.

Simultaneously, it is also providing different entertainment to the users. People can explore what happens worldwide and how their favorite brands progress their marketing strategies.

  • TikTok

TikTok is built by the Beijing-based company ByteDance. This app allows users to create and share short videos with their social circle.

The most popular genre on this app is dancing and lip-syncing. However, some users are also using it for advertisement and creative developments.

Currently, TikTok has 1 billion active users. This makes up 20.83% of all Internet users globally.

There is no surprise that TikTok will be the most popular app in 2022, surpassing the success rate of Facebook and Instagram too.

The app was initially a favorite for the under-18 crowd. Nonetheless, the raving discussions and reviews increased its popularity by leaps and bounds. It is essential to understand how a few good reviews can enhance the success of any application.

Besides the positive reviews, a few things that brought success to TikTok were:

  • Automatic filters that make users look good on the camera. This drives engagement and sparks interest among more people.
  • Highly effective algorithms that show users what they want to see. An average user spends 52 minutes each day on the app due to its accurate recommendations.
  • The duets feature on TikTok allows users to collaborate on various devices. They can create group videos and join the ongoing trends.

  • airG

The airG community has established itself as one of the most authentic places to meet new people. It allows you to chat and meet like-minded people.

The app has over 100 million members worldwide, which means there is always someone to chat with. The airG Reviews Facebook discusses the authenticity and credibility of this platform. It depicts how the app is performing at an optimal capacity and will continue doing so in 2022.

The app allows you to browse people by age, location, gender, and other factors. You can even meet new friends if they strike the right chords.

Socialization is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And airG is providing users a way to expand their social circles. You can also learn about the app’s credibility online by checking Airg Reviews on Facebook.

  • DuoLingo

The strike of a pandemic compelled us to channel our energies in different directions. Some of us who were eager to explore new languages finally had the time to learn them.

The app DuoLingo became highly popular in this regard. The best free language learning application offers instructions for dozens of languages.

There are several techniques used to improve the language you want to learn. For instance, you will find interactive short stories, podcasts, and a chance to meet up with other people interested in a language.

DuoLingo brings 100 courses in more than 20 languages. You can opt for a method according to your aptitude and knowledge.

Language learning is a top priority for people who love to travel. Even if you have to travel for corporate reasons, a command of the foreign language will help you tread better in new environments.

The developers plan to expand the size of their Pittsburgh office in 2022. This will help them become a leader in the language-learning industry.

  • Airbnb

Airbnb allows people in a new place to connect with those willing to rent their residences. Initially, the founder, Brian Chesky, struggled and appealed to people to invest in his venture. In exchange, he offered them 10% of the company.

The app features locations from all over the world. It features more than 2 million listings in over 34 000 cities. You can find an apartment last minute and opt for locations near your workplace or leisure.

It has a customized search to look into the database as a guest. You can add keywords in the search engine to specify your search. Along with this, users can also manage their listings from their smartphones and bookmark their favorite properties.

You can make reservations beforehand according to your taste. On the other hand, the hosts can also respond to the requests, accepting or declining the proposals.

Once the reservation is confirmed, Airbnb holds the payment for 24 hours before releasing it to the host. Some features of this app making it a winner are:

  • Easy in-app communication
  • Powerful filter to search
  • Fully integrated payment system

Parting Notes

The insurmountable rise in smartphone applications has mandated businesses and individuals to get aboard. Staying back in this digital age will hurt their progress and growth.

Nonetheless, when you plan to use smartphone apps more vigorously in 2022, you should understand what you need from them. Ideally, the apps should assist you in your work, streamline your daily chores, and help you get a better perspective on life.

We hope you will be facing all the troubles that the universe brings at you with a brave face and learn to maximize your productivity at all times!

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