Best SEO Blogs: Dozens of Really Worthwhile Resources

This post is about the best, in our opinion, UA- and RUnet blogs dedicated to On page SEO and Off page SEO, that is, website optimization for search engines. We emphasize: this is not a rating, we do not want to spoil our karma with a very subjective ranking. These are simply the most interesting and useful SEO blogs that should be read by anyone with even the slightest interest in search engine optimization.

Here we go?


A great blog that accepts contents in Digital marketing, SEO, web development, Software development and social media. SEO Services company is the founder of wbsofts. This blog mainly accepts Digital marketing, Web development or other technology related content. The best SEO company in the United States is running and handling it. 


An excellent blog about SEO, launched by the head of the SeoProfy company, Viktor Karpenko. The materials of various employees of the company describe cases in detail and in an accessible way and give advice on SEO, website promotion, analytics and search marketing in general. In general, the most obligatory must read.


The blog of Ukrainian Sergey Koksharov is nothing less than a reason to be proud of your country ☺. In recent years, this blog has been a frequenter of all kinds of SEO blog ratings, while being almost always in the leading positions. We believe this fact speaks for itself, so those who have not bookmarked “Devaka” yet – go ahead and with the song.


The blog of one of the top SEO studios in Ukraine simply cannot be uninteresting. Here you will always find useful materials about SEO, contextual advertising, web analytics, as well as Internet marketing and search engine promotion trends.

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In fact, the classics of the Russian-language blogosphere are dedicated to SEO – after all, not every author is capable of consistently delighting readers for 8 years. Mikhail “Globator” Shakin is capable. So read and learn. As a bonus, there are stories about the author’s adventures while living in the USA.

Arbeiten’s SEO Blog

Dmitry Krasnorutsky, better known on the Internet as Arbaiten, is a very ambiguous person. Reviews of him range from enthusiastic panegyrics to derogatory pamphlets. But it has long been known that bad advertising is also advertising. And if they talk about a person (whether it’s good or bad), then there is something to talk about. So we recommend reading Arbeiten. At the same time, you don’t have to go deep into the blog – over time, the author changed his mind about many subjects and techniques.

Started as a link exchange service, Searchengines has evolved over time into one of the most comprehensive and trusted resources dedicated to SEO. The blog regularly publishes interviews, articles, news, as well as serious discussions between webmasters and optimizers. In addition, theoretical consultations and practical advice are common here.


Blog about SEO by Oleg Nynyuk with an emphasis on promotion of entertainment projects. The author also writes about Internet marketing, analytics, SMM, design and all sorts of other interesting things. Easy and interesting reading at your leisure.

If you are only interested in SEO optimization, the blog is just for you. Anton Markin does not cover a million different topics, but focuses specifically on SEO and website promotion. The highlight of the blog is numerous cases and practical examples of a narrowly focused topic.

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Netpeak Blog

Corporate blog of Netpeak, one of the largest Internet marketing agencies in Eastern Europe and (I’m not afraid of this word) the market leader. Naturally, the blog is also at a high level. It contains materials from both domestic and foreign experts on a wide range of topics, including SEO, PPC, marketing, analytics, case studies and much more. Here everyone will definitely find a lot of useful things for themselves.


Well, what is the top SEO of blogs without Dima?! For many users, Dmitry Golopolosov has long been a guru in the field of SEO, especially in the intricacies of optimizing for Google and Yandex. The only drawback of Dimka’s blog, in our opinion, is that recently the author has not paid as much attention to him as we would like. Apparently, a successful online business and travel take a lot of time from Golopolosov. By the way, Dimok writes about travel and personal growth no less interesting than about “profile” topics.

SEO blog for DrOTERA Kapitalchik

The resource of our compatriot Vladislav Chernenko. Trained as an industrial and civil builder, but moved on to SEO. Now “builds” and promotes sites. Vladislav admits that he learned the wisdom of the profession on his own, studying SEO blogs of recognized masters like Devaki, Shakin, Karpenko, Terekhov and others. It must be admitted that he did well; in any case, a novice webmaster will find on Kapitalchik everything he needs to know about self-promotion of sites, SEO optimization and monetization methods.

Blog SEO sectarian

Another nugget on our list is Kristina Azarenka from Minsk, also known as an SEO cultist. Christina has been sharing her observations and ideas in the field of search engine optimization with us for more than 5 years. The highlight of her blog is that our “sectarian” works with an emphasis “on the West” – previously on the UK, now mainly on the USA.

SEO blog Anton

The blog is not super-visited, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting or useful. The author (or authors) focuses on content marketing, withdrawal of sites from sanctions, as well as on the trade of articles – and all this for the sake of promoting sites and making money on the Internet.

Terekhov’s blog

Alexey Terekhov was a simple Ryazan system administrator in the past, and now one of the most experienced RUnet bloggers and the most popular person in the SEO industry. Almost no top or rating is complete without the participation of his blog, in which Terekhov shares his experience in SEO and affiliate programs, and also talks about ways to make money on the Internet in general. I don’t even know what else to add, except: “Reading is MANDATORY!”

Fluffy Bastard (Maulnet)

The blog of the mysterious Maul (they say his name is Daniel) is nothing less than a cult resource. There you will find tons of useful information and tips on website optimization and promotion, link brokering, website creation and design. Also, Maul is a recognized master in organizing all kinds of contests and money making on the Web. And although “Fluffy Bastard” has not been “burning themes” for a long time, it’s still worth reading his opuses.


Elena Kamskaya is probably the most famous representative of the beautiful half of humanity in the SEO community. It does not spread thoughts along the tree, is not distracted by the topics of marketing, social networks and other things – only search engine optimization, only hardcore. He writes very rarely, but very aptly. At the same time, the blog has a considerable archive, which is a real storehouse of useful information. Bookmarked, for sure.


Blogger is a project of Google top contributor Vyacheslav Varenna. This is a very broad blog, the author writes about web design and promotion, blogosphere events and blog monetization, as well as various SEO tools.

Blog SEO Solution

For 6 years of work, the company with Kharkiv roots SeoSolution has “promoted” hundreds and hundreds of sites. It is their rich experience that Ukrainian specialists share in the corporate blog. The information is full of fresh ideas and will be useful both for SEOs and business owners.

SEO Studio Blog

Another corporate blog – from another Ukrainian flagship in the field of search marketing. The best cases, reviews and tips on SEO, web analytics and contextual advertising – from one of the best agencies. Subscribe and read without fail.


Yuri Klepar is a living and vivid example of the fact that it is by no means necessary to graduate from computer academies in order to become a successful SEO and blogger. A former veterinarian, Klepar now publishes useful information for webmasters and SEO-optimizers solely from personal experience. Therefore, the resource has a lot of technical information, practical advice on creating and optimizing sites with an emphasis on online stores.


WebPromoExperts is a well-known Ukrainian internet marketing academy. Accordingly, the company’s blog contains a huge amount of educational materials, including useful webinars and interviews. In addition, the WebPromo agency is the organizer of the WebPromoExperts SMM Day online conference, which should be of interest to social media managers.

Blog Promodo

Promo do is a well-known Ukrainian Internet marketing agency, represented not only in the CIS, but also in the UK. Their corporate blog with the original name “Big Fish” describes the usual tasks of brand promotion on the Internet. Analysis of the tools, the subtleties of setting performance metrics – you will find this and much more in the blog from the company’s experts.


Turboseo’s blog with author’s articles on internet marketing. It also publishes cases from the agency’s portfolio, the latest industry news, instructions, as well as texts of speeches by company experts at various specialized conferences and forums.

Naturally, our list would not be complete without the “big four” of the most popular English-language SEO blogs. But let’s start with Google:

Google Official Blog

If you read the Google off blog, you will always be up to date with the latest corporation news and innovations in its products. You are unlikely to find advice or cases there, but the information you receive can be 100% trusted.

Search Engine Land

Probably the most popular blog dedicated to SEO. A large staff of authors allows you to update the blog 3-4 times a day, publishing high-quality materials. At the same time, several articles are often published on the same topic, which allows us to consider it most fully. Here you can find everything related to working with search engines and social networks. Just. Everything.

Search Engine Watch

This is one of the oldest thematic blogs with a solid reputation. Frequently updated, covering all possible topics regarding search engine optimization. In general, if you see material from SEW, be sure that it will be a high-quality, interesting and useful article.


If our list were a rating, then the MOZ blog would confidently take the first step in it. SEO, link building, content marketing, copywriting, social media, as well as inbound marketing – everything is here for beginners and recognized experts. The highlight of the blog is the weekly Whiteboard Fridays with MOZ co-founder Rand Fishkin. In these videos, released on Fridays, Fishkin uncovers a question or problem and visualizes his train of thought on a whiteboard. In general, you may not be an SEO specialist, but you must read MOZ!

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