Preventing Fraudulent Clicks on Google Ads

Fraudulent activities on the internet are witnessed every other day. Remote ability is an appealing benefit of the internet with the utmost ease of access to numerous services, products, and information. But internet doesn’t spare attackers or spammers from accessing this benefit.

More than $200billion is spent on google ads per annum, and this amount is as essential to receivers as much as it is to spenders. Numerous people have been waiting for results in exchange for their tempting google ads. However, many of them become a victim of fraudulent clicks.

To minimize these scenarios, there are quick authentic guides for click fraud prevention to save you from bearing heavy losses. These ads promise to work not only with google ads but with other credible ad agencies.

2 Technical Harms of Fraudulent Ad Clicks to E-commerce Businesses

There are some threatening harms a business goes through for attracting fraud clicks on the ads. And, this causes trouble to business operations and its available power. 

The entire revenue is based on marketing, so the advertising campaign must gain authentic results.

  • Unconvertible high traffic

Every e-commerce business uses hosting services to accommodate as many people as possible. And in financial terms, every visitor costs them a few cents. 

Fraudulent ad clicks higher the traffic, but it’s not convertible. This loop increases hosting costs and affects the website’s functions for original users.

  • Bounce rate

An e-commerce website must prove its credibility and ability to rank on google. And there are certain checks google observes, and bounce rate is one of them.

Fraudulent clicks give rise to bounce rate, which ultimately affects the reach-ability of the website as well as its rank and authority.

Authentic Ways to Prevent Ad Click Fraud

If the fraudulent clicks are way higher on your ads, it might become an effort to minimize or prevent them altogether. 

Google offers click fraud prevention modes to assist victims, but those modes aren’t viable for higher volumes. There are other ways by which you can prevent fraudulent clicks.

  • IP tracking

Every visitor leaves a trail on your website, known as the ‘IP Address.’ You need viable tools to track IPs and filter those visitors who didn’t take action even after clicking the ads. List those IP addresses and follow the below step;

  • Modify your Ad reach: When you have filtered down non-action IP addresses, then it’s time to manually fill those IP addresses in your Google Ad settings for prevention. 

The setting tab will allow you to edit your campaign. To do this, you’ll see an option for exclusive IP addresses, but those addresses in that portion. 

In the next while, those IP addresses will be blocked by your ad campaign, which will make a big difference in your campaign’s outcome.

  • Adjust audience target

You must narrow down your target audience by selecting a few developed nations because fraudulent clicks are driven by real people hired to do this, and it mostly happens in the country where labor is cheap, the third-world nations.

You must target appropriate regions and also narrow your target businesses down. Always target credible and known companies.


Even if you don’t feel there are fraudulent activities in your ad campaign, your assumption might be wrong. Fraudulent clicks are a common form of spam, and it happens pretty often than you may believe.

Preventing such spam from securing your ad campaign and your business is vital.

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