Puppies often get bored playing with the same set of toys day in and day out. You can easily recognize a bored pup through the signs they may show when you offer them toys they held dear earlier. Ignoring their cuddly stuffed toys, moving away from playthings when you insist on engaging with them, or simply throwing the toys you give them to play with can say a lot about their lack of interest in the games.

As a puppy parent, you must ensure your little dog gets good chances for physical, mental, and emotional stimulation. You may need to focus on this vital aspect, so your furry baby stays happy and healthy. Puppies may enjoy playing with simple toys at the start; however, to have their attention in the long run, it is best if puppy parents offer them a variety of games. Also, when you amp up the complexity of games and outdoor adventures, your four-pawed friend may have to deal with greater risks.

Dog insurance can help you support your fur baby with excellent medical care during unexpected health scenarios at affordable costs. You can search pet insurance policies online to compare plans and request quotes. Eventually, you can buy a pet plan that matches your pupper’s health requirements and budget. While you reflect on purchasing puppy insurance, consider the below DIY puppy puzzle toy ideas, so providing your woofing pal entertainment need not be an expensive affair.

#1 Hidey-Findy

This game can be set up in less than a few minutes. All you need to do is take a muffin baking tin pan, hide a tiny treat or toy in one of the cups, cover them with tennis balls or lemons, and ask your puppy pal to find the hidden treasure. You can plan a few rounds and give your fluffy friend better rewards every time they succeed at discovering the inconspicuous item.

#2 Box Tower

Are you thinking about what to do with all the Amazon delivery boxes sitting in your garage? We have an idea, stack these boxes to form a tower, pyramid, or even better, nest them. While doing that, you can hide a delectable treat or toy in one or more boxes so your furry companion can locate them once the game begins. Your puppy may be thrilled to pull them all apart.

#3 Treat popsicle

Take your ice tray, fill the cups with itsy-bitsy dog kibble/treats/chews/toys, pour water, and freeze them. You can toss some of these into your puppy’s food bowl so they can spend their own sweet time chewing, sipping the water left by melting ice (good for slow rehydration), and nibbling on the treat bits in the dish towards the end. However, you may need to monitor an activity like this to avoid pet teeth-breaking episodes.

#4 Tin can wall

If you have plenty of Red Bull cans, you can arrange them to form a little wall and ask your pet puppy to jump over them. Also, you can vary the wall heights to raise the bar for your good boy when they reach a milestone. But make sure your furry baby is comfortable and doesn’t find the sprinting activity stressful. Give them multiple short breaks so they can come back with much vigor for the next game round.

With games like these and more, your puppy can stay occupied instead of lying in a corner spiritless. Also, consider your pet’s safety before finalizing a game for your pup. No matter how appealing a game can be if it doesn’t assure security, rule it out from your pet games list.

Even with all the care and caution, pet accidents, injuries, sickness, etc., can happen, which is why you can contemplate buying pet insurance. Dog insurance can cover your pet for particular health conditions and emergencies. Having a pet plan can potentially lower your financial stress in distressing times.

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