slippery bathroom tiles
slippery bathroom tiles

Do you have slippery bathroom tiles? Here’s what you can do

Tiles are our favourite flooring option because we all love shiny and easy to clean tiles especially in the frequently visited areas of the house such as the bathroom. Although tiles can come in variety of designs and styles and immediately improve the look of your bathroom space, they can be extremely dangerous. It is better to remove the tiles and getting bathroom floor coverings at Rapid Stripped. However, removal is not always a practical option.

This post is for all those people who need to get rid of slick floors.

Go for foam flooring:

Foam flooring is an easy and inexpensive method that many people use in their kitchens, bathrooms and other areas where floors are slippery. Foams are available in the form of pieces that can be made to fit on the floor by fixing them using the interlocking techniques.

They are not only non-slippery but also very easy to clean. In addition to it, they are extremely moisture resistant. But, they can interfere with the design of the flooring you have chosen for your bathroom to impart a premium look.

Go for anti-slip formula:

There are different products available in the market that work as anti-slip agents. They are generally available in the form of a liquid that can be applied to the tiles for a few minutes and then washed off. These Liquids give a sand like finish to the floor, increasing the grip of the floor at the same time

The best part of using these products is that they don’t bring any change into the overall look of the floor. Furthermore, the surface of the floor remains even.

Use rugs and mats:

There are some special rubber or plastic made mats and rugs especially designed for bathrooms. They have suctions beneath them that help them stick to the floor.  As a matter of fact, they are a very inexpensive solution to your problem of slippery floors. However, it is important to remember that these mats are prone to wear and tear and therefore, need replacement after a while. In addition to it, they also affect the aesthetic appeal of the floor.

Install floorboards:

Another inexpensive solution to your slippery tiles in the bathroom is installing floorboards. They are generally made with artificial wood and drastically change the overall look of the floor. The best part of using floorboards is that they are very easy to install. However, some extra care is needed by them in order to maintain them for a longer period of time

There are various options that are easily available for reducing slipperiness. However, there are several things you need to compromise on. For instance, when you reduce slipperiness, you make the floor a little rough or harsh. Although the slipperiness is minimized with this technique, the hard and rough floor is not easy to clean. Furthermore, it also ruins the look of the bathroom.

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