New Friends in College
New Friends in College

5 Fun Activities to Bond With Your New Friends in College

One of the most exciting chapters of one’s life is the transition to college. For many of us, it is the first time we leave our home, our hometown, and not only that, but we also leave behind our chosen family, friends. However, on this new adventure, we will encounter thousands of people from various origins and nationalities, all of whom are potential friends.

Making new friends, on the other hand, can be nerve-wracking and even awkward, especially if you’re not naturally extroverted. Making friends appears to get more difficult as we get older. Approaching someone you don’t know and attempting to strike up a conversation can be intimidating as an adult. It’s no surprise, however, that many people find it difficult to make friends in community college. Nonetheless, we feel that new ties can be formed. To attract one’s tribe, one must put up effort and engage in some enjoyable activities.

So, here are a few fun activities in which you might engage in order to meet new people:

1. Get Involved In a Campus Club:

The quickest way to meet people who share your interests is to join a club or an on-campus group. Do you like to write? Take a peek at the school newspaper. Do you take pleasure in serving others? Become a part of a terrific charity organisation. There is almost likely a club for whatever it is that you are passionate about. If there isn’t one already, you can always start one!

2. Organize a movie night.

Unleash your inner event planner and organise a casual get-together for all of your new acquaintances. Before the first big test, order pizza and invite some of your classmates over for a cram session. Alternatively, find other Riverdale fans and invite them to the midseason premiere. When you start planning hangouts, it will motivate others to do the same, and you will end up with more invitations than you can handle.

3. Go on a Ride:

Riding is usually a source of excitement for youngsters. You can go on bike rides and encourage your friends to join you, but if you’re a college student, this will put a burden on your budget. As a result, you can ride motorised bikes as an alternative. A motorised bicycle is a bicycle with an attached motor or engine and transmission that can be used to power the vehicle without the need for pedalling or to assist with pedalling. The motorised bicycle is technically a legitimate bicycle, albeit a power-assisted one, because it sometimes keeps both pedals and a discrete linked drive for rider-powered propulsion. Because it is a low-cost alternative for bikes that operate on gasoline. You can also get a cheap bicycle engine kit to add to your bike, which not only saves you money but also allows you to meet new people and make friends while riding.

4. Informal Social event

This is a broad genre that encompasses everything from large house parties to smash tournaments in college lounges. “Hey, we should all hang out tonight,” for example, is a common starting point. Nobody knows where things will go from there.What’s nice about casual hangouts is that they provide you plenty of opportunities to talk and get to know new people.They’re also, well, informal, so it’s easy to leave if things grow unpleasant. These kind of gatherings are also excellent for strengthening existing friendships (more on that below).

5. Make the most of your dorm.

Dorms are packed with other college freshman who are going through similar things and ready to make friends. Many dorms include common areas where events are held solely to assist freshman in meeting one another. “You can talk about it if you miss home; if you’re overwhelmed, there’s someone else in the building who understands.”


Although establishing friends is a difficult endeavour, it becomes much easier once you initiate conversations and participate in activities that will help you form new friendships. You can choose any from the above mentioned activities or can find new ways as well . Just a pro tip: “Never pretend to be someone you are not.” Your vibe attracts your tribe, so keep it honest. Just be yourself and pick your buddies carefully.

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