Making Job Offers to Top Candidates

Successful Tips for Making Job Offers to Top Candidates

So, you have gone through most of the steps of the hiring process. You shortlisted all the potential future employees, conducted interviews, and chose the one that could be your ideal candidate. But how do you present your job offer to them now?

See, that’s a complex task and you have to make sure you don’t blow this opportunity to onboard top talent. Such candidates usually get job offers from more than one company when they’re looking for a job; you have to make sure they pick you from the pack.

Here are some of the success tips to make job offers to top-talented candidates.

Let’s get started.

  • Don’t rely on an email

You don’t conduct important tasks over email when it’s perfectly feasible to do it in person, do you? You never close a big deal with your clients on a messaging platform, you meet them in person or at least give them a call. Maintain the same procedure with your new potential candidate too.

You see, talented candidates are a hard find and your competitors are actively looking to get them on board. Sending them a job offer via email or posted document won’t cut it — you have to arrange a physical meeting and meet them in person.

  • Present the offer yourself

You simply can’t use your typical HR representatives to deal with top candidates who will take up big roles in your organization. You have to do this job yourself.

Presenting the job offer yourself builds a relationship of trust and prosperity between your new candidate and your organization. Furthermore, the new employee will feel encouraged to work with you when you, as the leader, present the offer yourself.

However, if you would like to rely on someone professional to handle this task, you can also partner with an international PEO.

  • Don’t be late

Remember, your competitors may also be looking to hire the same candidate as you are. While you’re thinking over your decisions again and again, one of your competitors might take a step forward and present their job offer earlier — and you don’t want that to happen!

You want to ensure your job offer goes in early, so the candidate can have more time to study your organization and learn about the benefits they would get. Furthermore, if you be too late, the candidate might already have accepted the job offer from your competitors.

To evade unexpected outcomes like these, make sure you’re offering the job within 48 hours of you choosing to hire them. Taking any more time than that will most likely not turn out to be ideal.

  • Study what your competitors are offering them

Top candidates have a high demand in the market. Every competing organization will be looking to present them with compelling offers to onboard them.

Never make the mistake of offering them compensation slightly larger than their current employer. The fact that they are even listening to what you have to say, means they’re not satisfied with their current employer’s compensation and want more.

Rather than trying to compete with their current employer’s compensation, compete with your competitors that are also trying to hire them.

  • Don’t base it all on salary

Top candidates don’t only look for a good salary, but they look for long-term career opportunities that can help them prosper in the long run.

While granting a good compensation package is important as well, you have to make sure you’re painting a bigger picture of their future. Let them know about the opportunities that could hit them in the future while working with you.

The bottom line

Hiring the top-rated candidates is a tedious task as you have to compete with your competitors who’re also trying to get them on board. Such individuals can bring incredible value to your organization; so you have to be careful about how you approach hiring them.

This article gives you 5 of the top tips we could craft about presenting job offers to such candidates.

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