5 Hearty Health Tips for Men You should Never Ignore

5 Hearty Health Tips for Men You should Never Ignore

For men, we usually love to focus on fitness health, but did you know heart health is equally important for men? Heart health should be a priority as soon as a man crosses the age bracket of 30. Usually working men have busy and strict schedules to follow. The end result? Non-stop fast food takeout. According to one of the top heart specialist doctor in Karachi, if you wish to have a healthy lifestyle you better modify your heart health routine for a more proactive lifestyle.  

Men Health Tips

–          Regular Doctor Visits

This should be a religious thing to do. Most men are not always interested in keeping up to date with annual doctor appointments. With their constant click through and fast paced life, they would go as far as completely ignoring their signs and symptoms. It is important to understand how regular visits to your doctor can help with early disease detection in young men. Your primary healthcare practitioner will monitor your weight loss, your heart cholesterol levels, your bp, your cardiovascular activity, and other important health factors.

–          Avoid Junk Foods

As appealing as it may sound to your ears, eating junk food after a long period of starvation in office, can be disastrous for your heart. One thing that we all need to understand regardless of our heart health’s that anything processed is detrimental to our overall health. With such advanced methods, there are still many ways you can enjoy. For example;

  • Lean meat- steak, burgers and bbq are actually healthy food for your heart if you eat them in moderation.
  •   Fresh fruits and vegetables- fruit smoothies, juices and salads.
  •  Good healthy fiber- hummus, red beans curry, red beans and chickpea salad,
  •   Whole grain products- weetabix, whole grain breads, brown rice
  •  Nuts- a mix of different nuts consumed as the first thing in morning will reap some great benefits for your health.

Exercise and Hustle!

Men are naturally inclined towards more hustling in physical activities. This is important especially for men who are stuck between 9 to 6 jobs. Exercising or simply moving is one of the best ways to get yourself started on a healthy heart journey. For regular exercising, small impact workouts or simply walking can be very beneficial for your blood regulation.

Get your Hands on your Vitamins

Eating a well-balanced diet may seem like a far stretched chore these days. In order to be able to get sufficient amounts of vitamins, you have to make sure you are getting some extra additional multivitamins. To know which supplements will work best for you, you need to consult with your doctor who will guide you regarding your nutrition and diet accordingly. See! This is why you should go for those regular appointments!

–          Give Smoking a Break!

According to WHO, almost 108,000 people die from tobacco related disease. This is a massive number, given how many people smoke. Most of these cases also report for passive smoking as well. Some studies from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention shows how passive smoking has also often led to acute health conditions like emphysema, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). If you want to maintain a healthy heart regulation, you must get rid of smoking as fast as you can.

–          You Matter

In many of our modern narratives, we have overshadowed the need and wants of men. Multiple studies show that men are often more prone to stress disorders and depression. However, this subject is often the least talked about subject when it comes to mental health issues. Regardless of how taboo tabloid it may seem, men also need equal assurance and perseverance from time to time. It is important to understand that your overall health also depends on how you feel about yourself. Seeking help is a sign of strength. You have to look out for yourself because remember you matter!


Be unapologetic, and work on yourself. Make sure to do things that work for you! Be as outgoing, ambitious and adventurous in whatever makes you feel like home. Not only will it improve your mood but it will also boost your overall health. Remember because your health comes from a healthy you!

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