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6 Simple Science-Based Ways To Burn Body Fat And Lose Weight

30-Second Summary 

  • Exercise and a proper diet (with low calories and fat) are sure ways to burn body fat and lose weight.
  • Approximately 1 in 7 youths in the United States has obesity, while about 40% of adults are obese.
  • Lack of adequate sleep interferes with hunger hormones, may increase appetite, and raises the risk of obesity.
  • There is no magic way to lose body weight overnight, whether it’s exercise, diets, or pills. All the efforts require patience and consistency.
  • You can consult your doctor for the best weight loss supplements if it is hard to reduce weight.


Many people dream of having a healthy weight and a lean figure. They engage in many ways to burn fat and lose weight. But, most of their efforts don’t work.

Reliable data shows that obesity incidence in the United States rose from 30.5% to 42.4% from 1999 to 2000. 

However, some methods like intermittent fasting, eating fewer carbs and fats and more plant-based proteins, and exercising more produce real results. Studies show science-based top weight loss supplements help in cases of serious obesity. Watching what you eat, exercising, and changing your lifestyle help burn excess fat and lose weight. Ensure you reduce stress and get enough sleep to remain on course.

Here, we give you some of the best weight loss tips to support your fat-burning endeavors.

Science-Backed Ways To Burn Fat And Lose Weight

  1. Intermittent fasting helps – Studies show that intermittent fasting reduces body fat. During intermittent fasting, you take regular short-term fasts and feed in between. You may alternate fasting days. 

Another study found that practicing 3-12 weeks led to a decline of body fat by over 5 kgs and weight reduced by 7%. One way you can do intermittent fasting involves fasting on alternate days.

The second method is fasting for 16 hours, then eating within 8 hours. For this method, you feed normally for 5 days and fast the other 2 days. 

Don’t overeat during ‘eating time’ so that you won’t reverse any gains made in your healthy habits to improve life.

  • Adopt strength and high-intensity training – Among the best weight loss tips is exercise since it helps burn body fat. In particular, resistance and high-intensity interval training help burn excess body fat fast. Research shows that continued strength training for a month reduced fat by 2%. Also, strength training led to the burning of visceral fat around belly organs while maintaining fat-free muscle mass. Strength training involves lifting weights, using body weight, and various strength gym implements. When combined with high-intensity interval training, resistance workouts lead to faster fat burning and weight loss. 
  • Get enough sleep – Though sleep may not be very effective in burning fat, several studies associate adequate sleep with weight loss. Sleeping for at least 7 hours daily helped many people maintain optimal weight. 

Studies showed that people who slept less than 6 hours had an increased risk of obesity. People who had less sleep but ate a low-calorie diet had less fat loss than those who slept more.

  • Protein for breakfast – Eating more proteins makes you feel full for a long time. Proteins also reduce the hunger hormone, ghrelin. So, you won’t get hunger pangs that may make you eat more. 

Proteins increase muscle mass, which increases metabolism and fat breakdown. Healthy proteins include nuts, eggs, Chia seeds, and low-fat fish like sardines and tuna.

  • Take a low-calorie density diet – Experts recommend taking fewer calories to maintain a healthy weight and low fat. This calls for eating fewer carbs and more ketogenic diets. 

Studies link the ketogenic diet to reduced immunity and many other complications. As a result, studies have now called for low-calorie density foods as an alternative. The diet has more fruits, vegetables, and low-fat carbs. 

Ensure to eat fewer sugars and eat whole grains to avoid an accumulation of fats in the body. When you eat fewer fats, your body will use stored body fat to meet the fuel shortage created.

  • Try verified natural supplements – To lose weight fast, Health Web Magazine recommends some natural supplements. 

One natural supplement made by a scientist is Toxiburn. Its reviews say the supplement is perfect for fat burning and weight loss. It detoxifies the liver, supports weight loss, and boosts energy levels.

Toxiburn contains natural herbal ingredients only. Some natural ingredients used are Jujube seeds, Silymarin, Artichoke extract, Yarrow, and Chicory root.

Health Web Magazine says the supplement helps burn excess fat stored in the thighs, belly, and arms. The ingredients support the liver, metabolism, and digestion, which helps in weight loss. Additionally, it boosts energy levels.

3 Diet Plans To Follow

Having a diet plan is one of the healthy habits to improve life. Here are some diet plans you may take.

  • Plant-Based Foods – Many people say becoming a vegetarian and reducing food from animal products helps you lose weight. A vegetarian eats only plant-based foods, with no animal products like meat, milk, and eggs. However, some people mix the two but are keen on the amounts and fat levels. 

Research shows plant-based diet plans are very effective in weight loss. A study found that people who ate plant foods exclusively lost 2 kgs more than those who mixed plants with animal products.

  • Low-Fat Diets – Eating low-fat diets should maintain your fat consumption to about 30% of your daily calorie intake. Studies show that the best low-fat diet should restrict fats to about 10%. 

This ultra-low fat diet plan advocates getting 80% calories from low-fat carbs, 10% from fats, and proteins give 10%. Instead of going for proteins and low carbs, concentrate on the amount of fat in the foods you take. Keep the fats to a minimum.

  • The Ketogenic Diet – This low-carb diet plan is known for weight loss. You eat about 10% carbs in your diet. The rest of the diet comprises low-carb fruits, more vegetables, fats, and proteins. The idea is to make the body burn calories to meet the deficit left by low carbs. 

Low-carb keto diets lead to weight loss. However, keto diets sometimes leave the body vulnerable as it uses fatty acids instead of carbs’ calories for fuel.

The Bottom Line

You can’t lose weight or burn fats unless you take deliberate efforts to do so. You must be conscious of the contents of your diet. Does the diet contain unhealthy fats or excess calories? Will it lead to an accumulation of fats and weight gain? 

You should exercise, sleep enough, avoid stress, and watch your diet. You can do intermittent fasting, eat a protein breakfast, and low-calorie density diet.

Other diet plans you may adopt are a ketogenic diet, low carbs, Mediterranean diet, and high fiber foods. 

If you want faster weight loss, you can look for a top weight loss supplement to support you, but you should consult your doctor. Always focus on short-term goals, and let a family member or friend hold you accountable for more motivation.

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