frozen foods vs. fresh foods

There are many misconceptions about frozen foods. Are frozen foods healthy? Do they last long? Are there preservatives? Is it good for me? Is it good to have in pregnancy? Are fresh foods better than frozen goods?

Before I tackle the rest of the misconceptions, I will tell you this. There is a difference between preserved food and preservative food. Most of the misconceptions about frozen foods rise from this misconception.

Chefs believe that frozen foods are now more convenient than restaurant food. You have precooked meals and items lying there in your freezer. In most pre-cooked frozen meals, most of the items require just defrosting and heating, and there you go, a whole meal! Frozen items have gained popularity fast in recent years ever since people’s lives got intensely busy. We rarely have time to grab breakfast before leaving for work or college. Cooking meals at this time sounds like an impossible task. So, people moved towards the convenient alternate; frozen food. But, at the same time, the misconceptions regarding frozen foods made it more difficult for people to trust companies. In this article, I will help you debunk these misconceptions and tell you why frozen food is a must-have for you.

Are Frozen Foods As Nutritious As Fresh Foods?

Yes, if not more. Frozen foods have the same nutritious value as of fresh foods. As I had explained before, people often confuse ‘preserved food’ with ‘preservative’ food. Although it depends on the company and the method they use for freezing items, most freezing processes are very convenient and chemical-free.

Are Frozen foods healthy?

Frozen foods usually have the same carbohydrates, protein, and fats content as fresh foods. They are, although, richer in minerals and vitamins than fresh foods. It also depends on the company you are buying from. For example, mini spring rolls at A&T Trading are more nutritious and better in taste than their competitor companies (as reviewed by customers). Hence, yes frozen foods are healthy and sometimes healthier than fresher foods.

Does Frozen Food last long?

Does frozen food go bad? Will it go bad if I do not use them in a few days? Absolutely not! Frozen foods are conserved in a way that they can last for as long as one whole year without going bad, given they are kept refrigerated. Some certain items do have the potential of going bad. For example, canned beans may go bad if they are left out in the open for a day or two.

Are fresh foods better than frozen foods?

Let us now jump to the most common misconception about frozen foods; fresh foods are better than frozen foods.

Let us now draw a comparison in terms of several factors.

Are frozen foods better in taste than fresh foods? It depends on the type of food you are cooking. In the case of meatballs, frozen meatballs will always taste better. In the case of frozen and fresh pizza, fresh pizza would taste better.

Frozen foods are more convenient and much easier to cook. Fresh foods however require a long time. For a busy person, frozen food will be much better.

Frozen food also produces less waste and dirty dishes. This is also why it is more convenient and favored by busy routine people. In terms of nutrition, we have already discussed the factors.

I hope this answers it all for you!

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