Move To Brainerd, MN
Move To Brainerd, MN

7 Reasons Why To Move To Brainerd, MN

Looking at some of the most populated cities in the United States, you’ll notice that most of them are located in the heart of America. There’s also something else that you’ll notice; almost all of them have a few things in common. One of the most prominent things is the weather, which is perfect all year round. The second thing you’ll notice is that there are a lot of jobs available. This is likely because most of these cities are located in the Midwest, which is the breadbasket of America. The last thing you’ll notice is that the cost of living is relatively low. This is because the federal government doesn’t charge extra taxes in these cities. As a result, you can check a selected few Brainerd homes for sale under $100,000, which is a bargain considering what other cities are offering.

Highest In Quality Education

If you’re looking to raise your family in a friendly, safe, and affordable community, Brainerd, MN is a great choice. The town boasts a high school that is considered one of the best in the nation. The graduation rate is above 90 percent, which is amazing considering the school’s size. Most students go on to college, and many of them get scholarships because of their scores. The school also has an excellent theater department that puts on plays each year. The students also work hard to put on a Christmas show, which is a great way to end the school year. The senior class has traditionally been the largest in the nation, which indicates that the school focuses on quality over quantity.

Most Visiting Cities

When it comes to tourism, Brainerd is a bit of an anomaly. The town is located in the far north of Minnesota, close to the Canadian border, which makes it a bit more remote. As a result, the majority of people that live in Brainerd are locals, with only 4% being from other areas of the country. This is reflected in the city’s architecture, which is a blend of Canadian and American influences. There are also a lot of small towns located in the surrounding countryside, which contribute to the city’s unique character. Additionally, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, which is located a short drive away, provides the city with a large amount of tourism each year. The town is a hub for activity in the summer, but even in the winter there are plenty of outdoor activities, such as skiing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing. In fact, the town is the only place in the country where you can legally drink hot chocolate all year round.

Most Attractive Place To Live

Considering the affordability and the perfect weather, it is no wonder that so many people want to live in Brainerd. The community’s economy benefits from a high turnover rate, with many people moving from a long-term rental to a purchase. The real appeal for many is the low crime rate. Brainerd is a safe place to live, and you’ll be pleased to know that violent crime and property crime are at an all-time low. This is largely due to the presence of a strong law enforcement presence in the city, as well as the high school’s successful Crime Stoppers program. You’ll also notice that many of the city’s streets are named after famous scientists, mathematicians, and explorers, all of whom had a significant impact in the field of science. The streets are also lined with a series of impressive sculptures, many of which were created by the internationally renowned Hockney studio.

Best Location For Businesses

In addition to being attractive, Brainerd also has a lot to offer businesses. The cost of real estate is low, enabling entrepreneurs to set up shop in the city with minimal overhead. Over 40,000 people work in the city, predominantly in the service sector. This offers a lot of opportunity for job growth, with many moving to the city looking for a fresh start. The city also has a very high number of start-ups per 100,000 people, which is three times the national average. This is a testament to the town’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Most Family-Friendly City

Perhaps the biggest advantage to living in Brainerd is the community’s focus on family. The city makes a concerted effort to ensure that events and activities are family-friendly. This includes the annual “Family Fun Night”, an event that is dedicated to connecting families and friends through arts and crafts, food, and fun activities. In addition, the city’s parks, bowling alley, and golf courses are all open to everyone, including children. The annual “Arts & Crafts Festival” is another event that brings the community together, with vendors and artists from around the country. The festival is a great way to showcase local talent and to encourage art appreciation in young people.

Most Walkable City

With an abundance of parks, cycling paths, and walking trails, Brainerd is a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts. This is particularly beneficial in the winter, when there is nowhere else to go but the office, or inside by the fireplace, cozying up with your loved one. The community is focused on sustainability, with over 80% of the buildings being classified as “green”. The town also offers a lot of green space, with over 40% of the total area being green. This enables the community to be more eco-friendly, conserving water and energy. In fact, the city’s slogan, “The Eco-friendly Choice”, was created to promote sustainability. You’ll notice that many of the city’s streets and buildings have been designed with this in mind.

Most Affordable City

The cost of living in Brainerd is also one of the lowest in the country. The city’s real estate prices are comparable to those in New York City, but without the crime rate and the high cost of living. You’ll notice that many people who live in Brainerd either work remotely from home, or move there from other locations in the country. This is because the cost of living in Brainerd is so low that even people who make a lot of money can’t afford to live there by choice.

Choosing to live in Brainerd is a great decision, whether you’re relocating for work or love. Many people can’t believe how affordable it is to purchase a home in such a gorgeous place, and with such perfect climate all year round. There’s also an abundance of jobs available in the city, so if you’re looking for a fresh start, this could be the right move for you.


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