7 Video Games for PCs and Consoles That Didn’t Live Up to Their Hype

In the extremely competitive world of video games, it is not possible for mediocre or subpar games to survive. There are many factors that can lead to the failure of video games despite their hype on the mainstream media and video game news sites.

These include inconsistent plots, poor visuals, inappropriate choice of background tracks, and dull or dry gameplay. Every year a bunch of video games are released and only a few live up to their hype. In this article, we will discuss some of the most hyped games that disappointed so many fans across the globe.
Here are seven such games that didn’t live up to their hype at all
1. Crackdown 3
This game stars Terry Crews as the protagonist which led to its great hype among gamers. However, due to poor execution and a lame plot fan found the game a bit drab. The developers claimed to offer a new rendering style but the game had very little difference from its previous versions.
2. CyberPunk 2077
This game was hyped up on a number of platforms by CD project Red but it failed to live up to any of that. CyberPunk has various bugs and its plot is lacking many crucial details. The lack of storytelling and difficult gameplay make it very hard for you to enjoy the game.
Though the game went through numerous updates and development patches, it still failed to offer what it originally claimed in terms of visuals and general details.
3. Fallout 76
This particular PC and Console game failed on many fronts. Numerous bugs, connection problems, and broken CGI really puts a dent in your gaming experience. The previous versions of the games stood out for their details and amazing action and gameplay and fans had really high hopes for this one too but due to lack of originality and poor development, the game really disappointed countless fans of the franchise.
4. GodFall
This hack and slash game is an RPG just like ascendancy classes path of exile. This game offers a very generic experience and lacks authenticity and uniqueness. The gameplay is confusing and dry which is the last thing you need in a video game.
Most PlayStation and PC gamers found the game rather slow-paced and they were not into the plot very much either.
5. For Honor
This game promised extremely realistic graphics and immersive gameplay. The game however couldn’t do well on all the major platforms. The reasons are overly complex plot and gameplay and subpar visuals.Various gamers have reported broken server connections and in-game bugs and defects as well. Though there are frequent updates to this game and the developers are constantly improving its many aspects the gamers do not seem to care much for these.
6. Anthem
This game claimed to offer the best gameplay, a consistent as well as an interesting storyline, and a colorful open world for you to explore and have fun. Turns out that the developers were not serious about these claims at all and they weren’t even able to provide a standard ROG experience to the gamers.
Though the graphics of the games are not so bad, what are you going to do with these if you cannot enjoy the gameplay?

7. Marvel’s Avengers
This game caused excitement in so many Marvel Fans who considered it to be a great way to look at their favorite Marvel characters from a different perspective. The game couldn’t live up to these high hopes of the fans due to having very simple gameplay with no depth or emotional weight at all.
The game had some good action and fighting elements similar to poe uberlab but the characters seem to lack originality. The plot was also not so attractive which contributed a lot to the game’s failure.
Final Thoughts
So these are some of the most disappointing video games which were not able to live up to their hype. Most gamers didn’t like these games since they lacked details in plots, graphics, and had many issues in the gameplay.
We really hope you find this information of some value and we wish you lots of luck in your journey towards finding the best video games to play and have endless fun in your free time.

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