A Beginners Guide To Planning A Bathroom Renovation

There are many things to think about when planning to renovate your bathroom, and it can be helpful to make a checklist so that you don’t miss any vital steps in the process. Doing so also gives you the best chance of getting the bathroom you see in your head, in your home.

Here is a short beginners guide to planning your first bathroom renovation:

Create a realistic budget

Depending on how big the project is, a bathroom renovation can cost anything from a couple of hundred dollars (for a few simple upgrades), right up to thousands of dollars (for a luxury upgrade of a large bathroom). The size of the space, the type of materials used, and who you hire to carry out the work, can all have a significant impact on the overall cost. But, whatever the scale of your renovation, setting a well-defined budget is crucial for keeping the project on track, and avoiding overspending.

Remember to try and keep some money aside in case of unexpected costs that may arise during the renovation.

Select your design and layout

There are many factors to consider when designing and planning the layout of your bathroom, and you should think carefully about the following:

  • Your bathroom’s size and shape
  • Your own preferences and style
  • Functionality and practicality
  • Your budget
  • Availability of natural light and ventilation

If you’re struggling with the design phase, a local renovation company can give you some valuable advice and guidance.

Select the materials and fixtures

Materials that are durable, low-maintenance, stylish, and within your budget, are ideal. Many first-time bathroom renovators (or indeed, any bathroom renovator), find it helpful to visit a local bathroom showroom, where they can look at, touch, and compare prices of all the different materials available. The same can be said for choosing fixtures; sometimes a fixture in a catalogue, or even in someone else’s home, looks nothing like it does in reality, or would look inside your bathroom.

Find a local renovation contractor

It may be that you want to fulfil this step at the very beginning of the process, and in many ways (especially if you’re inexperienced) this has a lot of advantages. It gives you the opportunity to benefit from their advice right from the get-go, and they can help set you on the right path in relation to your budget. But, some prefer to get their ideas straight in their mind first, and choose their materials, before engaging with the people who will be bringing their dreams to life.

Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you as to when you select your contractor, just be sure to vet them in the same way you would any contractor, and check their level of experience, previous projects, and customer reviews.

Demolition and preparation

Your chosen bathroom renovator will remove all of the fixtures and surfaces that need to be replaced, along with tiles, sinks and tubs. You can help the contractors out by clearing all of your personal items from the space, and making the space as empty as it can possibly be.

Installation of new fixtures and features

Often, it’s the fixtures and fittings that set a bathroom apart and make it what it is, so this can be quite an exciting stage of the project. You may want to consider adding some modern features that will enhance the usability and your enjoyment of the space, such as heated flooring, or smart home technology.

Installing the flooring and tiling

You may already have chosen your tiling and flooring at this stage, but if not, it’s important to think not just about how the materials will look in the space, but how they will feel, and how easy they will be to keep clean and dry; water resistance is essential in a bathroom.

Adding the finishing touches

Sometimes, smaller finishes touches can really help a bathroom receive a full transformation, and from decorative mirrors, to pot plants and stylish hardware, there are many ways to make a bathroom reflect your personality while still meeting all of your functional needs.

For effortless bathroom renovations, work with an experienced contractor from the outset; that’s the best advice anyone can ever give you!

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