If you’re the proud owner of any type of truck then you have likely come across the option to use a leveling kit on it as an aftermarket upgrade. Many people are curious about the benefits and drawbacks of leveling a truck, so when I got a Ram 1500 I decided to do some testing and research to figure out everything that was important to consider about getting a leveling kit. 

Not All Leveling Kits Are Equal

For those who ultimately decide to use a leveling kit on their vehicle, you should know that they aren’t all the same. I compared the best leveling kit for Ram 1500 to the cheapest (lower quality) type I could find and the difference was certainly noticeable. It’s also worth mentioning that you could get a high quality leveling kit but without an experienced (and talented) mechanic you won’t get the same results. This is not the fault of the kit itself, but it would be the mechanic’s fault for improper installation. 

It’s Not Just About Aesthetics

While the stock raked stance of most trucks is less aesthetically pleasing than a level stance that can be achieved using a leveling kit, there are more important reasons to consider getting this particular aftermarket add-on. Leveling your truck allows for the additional ground clearance which in turn translates to better maneuverability in off-road conditions. Not only that, but the extra space means you can install larger tires and wheels. The level stance also allows for using front-end equipment such as plowing, and makes it easier for towing. Overall, most drivers prefer leveling their trucks. Additionally, a level truck has reduced braking pressure which is useful in emergencies. 

There Is More Than One Type Of Leveling Kit

These are the different types of leveling kits available nowadays:

  • Strut Extension Leveling Kits
  • Torsion Key Leveling Kits
  • Coil Spring Spacer Leveling Kits

Leveling And Warranties

Depending on the company you bought your truck from, you may find that using a leveling kit voids the warranty provided by the company. Make sure to check with your warranty provider before making the move towards purchasing and installing a leveling kit. 

There Are A Few Drawbacks As Well

Of course, you can’t have everything. There are a few known disadvantages to using a leveling kit. Most notably, your suspension may wear out faster when it has a leveling kit installed. This may be a minor drawback because your suspension system is meant to last you a long time, and they aren’t particularly short-lived to begin with. 


There are more advantages than disadvantages to using a leveling kit on your truck. Most people prefer leveling their truck for reasons that go beyond appearance because the difference is not that noticeable in any case. Note that leveling kits only lift the front of the vehicle and not the vehicle as a whole. If you want to lift the entire truck (front and back) you should look for a lift kit, which may still keep that raked stance of the stock truck. 

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