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Hi I am Olivia Hazel. Technical Content writer, who loves to pen down her thoughts and insights in the best way possible. Leverages background in computer science to write for highly technical audiences.

Is Followers Gallery a Scam or Legitimate?

Followers Gallery

Followers Gallery is a unique social media tool that provides an opportunity for brands to expand their reach. It’s not easy to determine if the gallery is legitimate or not, but there are some guidelines you should follow when downloading it.  Make sure that the followers you follow are following back. If someone follows you and doesn’t follow you back, …

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What Is WhatsApp Reseller panel & Use Of It?

Whatsapp reseller panel

Do you want to know about the WhatsApp SMS service? How can the WhatsApp reseller panel of WhatsApp help one? We have given you the full solution for this to communicate with your customers. This is one of the most used and top services that will help you communicate. WhatsApp reseller or WhatsApp bulk SMS service comes with a number …

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How To Make Gratitude Cards in a Short Time?

Gratitude Cards

The majority of individuals have understood the worth of giving or receiving a handmade gratitude card. While drafting an email or sending a text is considered a humble way to say thank you, a homemade gratitude card is perhaps more heartfelt and memorable.   DIY thank you cards often reflect your efforts to take time and create a one-of-a-kind sentiment. That …

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Is Your Fear of Cryptocurrency Valid?


Are you one of those people who fear cryptocurrency? If yes, read on. Despite its growing popularity, cryptocurrency is still met with a lot of fear and hesitation from some people. They see it as a risky investment with no real value. In this article, we will explore the different reasons why people may be afraid of cryptocurrency. Risk of …

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QuickBooks Desktop vs. Online version

QuickBooks Desktop vs. Online version

If you are using QuickBooks for a long time and considering switching to its online version or need to Convert QuickBooks Online to Desktop version to enjoy its full benefits, you may be confused about which version of QuickBooks will suit your business needs. Before you make the decision, let’s compare the benefits and features of both the QuickBooks Desktop as well …

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Different types of a Hall sensor

Hall sensor

A Hall sensor is an electronic device that’s intent is to identify the Hall effect. Named after the American physicist who discovered the science behind it in 1879. His name was Edwin H Hall; however it was another 20 years before his discovery was put into use. Simply put, the Hall effect is the impact a magnetic field has on …

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VogaCloset our new favourite shopping website in the MENA region

shopping website

If you like shopping, you probably know Vogacloset, the behemoth of online fashion. This site allows you to browse collections and increase the size of your wardrobe while finding bargains. But do you know the story of this store and the benefits of going through Vogacloset? Here is an article to help you discover one of the best online clothing …

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7 Guaranteed Tips To Rank Keywords First Page in Google’s

Rank Keywords First Page in Google's

For those in the business of driving organic traffic, Google is unrivalled. It searches the internet for the most relevant information and suitable sites for its consumers on nearly any topic. So we don’t only trust, but we rely on Google’s results. Wondering what is my rank on Google? Putting your small company on Google’s first page may seem impossible …

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This is a question that many students ask themselves when preparing for the board examination. “How can I earn the best possible score on my final exam or board exam if I just utilize one book?” you may wonder. When it comes to learning topics, NCERT books, which the Central Board approves of Higher Education, are the most excellent choice …

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