Benefits of yoga

Benefits of yoga

Yoga is a form of holistic exercise that hails from the South Asian region. Championed for improved mental as well as physical health, it offers many benefits for the body. 
While a lot of the positive points about yoga are to do with the fact that physical activity of any form is good for the body. 
However, many benefits of yoga are exclusive to it, and no other forms of exercises like high-intensity training, etc. offer these benefits.

While yoga is mostly easy and safe to do, some of its asanas are complicated. These should then be done under expert supervision only, as they may lead to injury otherwise, meriting the intervention of an Orthopedic doctor then. 

Benefits of yoga 


Yoga helps in improved backache, something that young and old, everyone is complaining about. For people with desk jobs that entail hunching over the computer for long hours, yoga is a godsend. 
It is not only good for dealing with acute lower backache but is one of the best ways to deal with chronic lower backache as well. The cat-cow pose is extremely effective in this regard. 

Better flexibility 

A big chunk of yoga is doing stretching exercises. This then helps in improving flexibility. Being flexible is very important for people who are older, as with age, the agility of the body is reduced. Mundane tasks like reaching for something become a challenge then. One way to effectively deal with this problem is by doing yoga. 

Good for the heart

Keeping our heart healthy is of extreme importance, for which yoga can be of help. Since yoga helps in improving stress levels, it helps in protecting the heart against the ill effects of stress. 

Moreover, yoga also aids in weight loss; since obesity can impair the health of the heart, therefore, this aspect is also important for heart health. Furthermore, yoga also helps in improving high blood pressure as well. It also helps in lowering inflammation in the body; hence, yoga helps the heart in various ways. 

Improved sleep 

Having quality sleep is not only important for resting, but lack of sufficient and quality shuteye has implications for health. It leads to the risk of chronic disease, issues like obesity and mental health problems like depression. 

Yoga, on the other hand, can help in improving your sleep. It can help in relaxing the body, and in lowering stress levels, both of which then aids in better sleep. 

Manage MDD

Amongst the biggest mental health challenges is major depressive disorder. Depression has a grave impact on the quality of life. It requires not only medication, but other forms of intervention as well, and yoga can be of help in this regard. 

As per research, yoga is effective for improving the symptoms of depression. It can thus greatly improve the life of the patients, and the disease prognosis. 

Stress management 

One of the most profound impacts of yoga is lowering stress levels and making stress management easier. When we exercise, our body releases endorphins, that help in lowering the impact of the stress hormones, but there is more to yoga. 

It also helps in breathing properly. Since breathing exercises are good for lowering stress levels, yoga is also effective in this regard. Furthermore, its poses like corpse pose help the person relax, and thus manage their stress levels better. 

It also encourages mindfulness, which in turn also has a positive impact on mental health. 

Help with symptoms of arthritis 

Arthritis refers to a set of conditions that affect the joint. Alongside impairing movement, arthritis also leads to extreme pain therein. Joints become stiff and swollen. 

Yoga can help in improving the symptoms of this extremely painful condition. It aids in relief against the stiffness, discomfort and pain associated with the condition. However, it is also suggested that you consult the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Multan for an expert opinion as well. 

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