Common Causes of Dry Eyes
Common Causes of Dry Eyes

Understanding the Common Causes of Dry Eyes

Individuals who exhibit symptoms of dry eyes must visit an eye specialist at Ittefaq Hospital. The specialist will detect the cause of the condition and provide a treatment plan accordingly. It will help the person to recover quickly without further complications.

The common causes of dry eyes are:

·         Correlation of Dry Eyes and Allergies: Allergies can cause itchiness and redness. The specialist will most likely prescribe antihistamines to manage the symptoms. However, the use of the medication can cause the person to suffer from dry eyes and further complications.

·         Hypertensive Medications: Hypertensive individuals take antihistamines, diuretics, antidepressants, and beta-blockers. The medication can cause a reduction in mucus. Tears consist of mucus, oil, and water, and the use of mediations causes a reduction in mucus, leading to dry eyes.

·         Screen Time: People who invest more time using laptops and mobile phones suffer from constant headaches. The individual blinks lesser contributes to tearing evaporation, and the person suffers from strains and dry eyes.

·         Aging: Individuals above fifty are more likely to suffer from dry eyes and correlating problems. However, the use of artificial tears can help manage the symptoms. Artificial tear drops help the eyes remain lubricated.

·         Vision Correction Surgery: Laser surgery cuts the nerves, which hinders the production of tears. The patient can notice the symptoms right after the procedure. However, the patient will observe that their condition gets better in days. The specialist is more likely to recommend lubricating eye drops to prevent further complications.

·         Hormones: Women may suffer from the condition during menopause, pregnancy, or while taking birth control pills. The hormonal imbalance can cause dry eyes and other physical complications. The women who experience the symptoms can take teardrops to avoid itchiness and dryness.

·         Deficiency of Vitamin A: Vitamin A is essential to promote healthy eyes. People should consume broccoli, eggs, spinach, and peppers to keep themselves healthier. People who consume less Vitamin A are more likely to suffer from vision impairment and dry eyes. Individuals can go for a blood test to determine if they are Vitamin A deficient.

·         Weather: People living in cold climates are more likely to experience symptoms of dry eyes. The tears evaporate quickly due to the wind. Therefore, people living in colder areas must wear glasses and use eye teardrops to avoid complications.

·         Sjögren’s syndrome: It is a condition in which the immune system attacks the tear glands. Medications can help the patient; however, if they are proven ineffective, the specialist might recommend surgery involving silicon plugs to preserve some tears.

·         Blepharitis: When the inner eyelid becomes clogged and inflamed, the patient suffers from dry eyes. There is no cure for the condition; however, compressing and cleaning the eyes can help the patient manage the symptoms.

·         The habit of Smoking: Smoking can cause multiple physical illnesses. People who smoke or experience secondhand smoking are at a higher risk of suffering from eye-related problems. It is essential to avoid being exposed to smoke. People can opt for nicotine therapy as an alternative.

·         Use of Contact Lenses: Lenses obstruct the supply of oxygen to the cornea. People who use contact lenses for prolonged time daily are at a higher risk of suffering from chronic dry eyes. Therefore, it is essential to be more careful or undergo a LASER treatment to avoid the use of contact lenses.

·         Correlation with Dehydration: People exhibiting symptoms of mild dehydration should increase their intake of fluids. Dehydration can lead to dry eyes. The symptoms of dehydration include rapid heartbeat, dizziness, and dark urine. As soon as the person increases their fluid intake, they will notice an improvement in their health.

People experiencing vision-related problems must consult an eye specialist in Islamabad. The doctor will help diagnose the disease and its cause. It will help in recovery without complications.

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