social media presence
social media presence

Best practices to improve your social media presence

Whether you are an independent business, ecommerce store, or just a regular social media user, social media presence is important for your social platforms to grow. However, it takes more than just going online to boost your growth. You have to have a well planned out and effective strategy for social media presence to boost engagement and grow your audience.

One of the key factors in maintaining and growing a huge social media following is through your social media presence. Unlike celebrities and influencers, you may not always have people waiting for you to post content on your page. It is critical to know when to go online so you can interact with your viewers and followers and get more engagement on your page.

Here are some practices you can implement to improve your presence on your social platforms.

Check and follow current trends

Analyzing trends is important as it can help you improve your social media presence and areas in your socials that may not be doing that well. Checking trends from competitor platforms can help you collect valuable information that will be useful in implementing strategies that will improve your social media presence.

Remember there is more than one way to provide your followers or viewers with content. Personal content may be entertaining for some, but will not catch the eyes of most of your viewers. Today, trends are an important part of digital content. Basically, posting content that goes hand in hand with what most of the people like to see will increase your viewers as well as show a superior social media presence.

Post more videos

social media presence
social media presence

Unless you are already famous, there is no way you can expect to go viral overnight. Creating a social media account on any platform is easy, the hard part is getting people to click and watch on your videos or leave some like.

Posting more videos on your platform will make your accounts more active, and this can increase your audience and in the long run your social media presence. The goal is to get more people to pay attention to your content. You cannot do this is you rarely post on your platform.

Stay active regularly

Pay attention to your following and what they like to see

Social media algorithm attracts you to content that you like to see. This means that people who come to your page on the daily, like the content that you post. For that reason, you should lean your social platforms on specific type of content that will attract a specific type of audience. Not only that, you should be consistent with your content niche to keep your audience engaged.

For example, your Tiktok fans will only pat attention to videos that fall in place with their interest. You cannot expect all your followers or fans to like all the content that you post on your page. This is why it is necessary to create content tailored to a specific type of audience from the word go.

Engage with your audience

social media presence

Its in the name! The main goal of social media is to interact with your audience. Posting pictures, videos and other content on your account does not just cut it. You will need to engage or interact with your social friends to improve your social media presence.

Once you upload anything online, make sure to like, and comment back to your followers. Not only will this keep them coming back, but also attract more people who love your content and love having conversations with their friends online. Having conversation with your audience shows that you are attentive to their questions, needs, and concerns and it also makes them feel special.

The best way to foster a relationship and gain trust with your audience is by participating in conversations, even if it means relying to all direct messages on your social media platforms.

Audit your results

social media presence

At the end of the day, you need to monitor your social media performance to if your strategies are getting you any results. If you are not constantly monitoring the account, there is no way of knowing whether your platforms are growing.

Checking your growth on social media will tell you more about your engagement, the type of content your audience likes plus more. This will then help you post more engaging content and that can result in the growth of your social media presence.

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