Can I take a CCNA exam without taking the Cisco course?

The CCNA exam is the basic Cisco exam and the paths of certification. It means that you do not need to have any certifications other than this.  For offering the expertise in maintaining and implementing cloud technologies of IT practitioners the CCNA Course in Jeddah Exam is the valid certification. Providing the certified skills in advancing knowledge and constantly changing related to cloud technology, it is the authentic certification. The 90 minute exam contains 100 multiple choice questions in English. The candidate has to score 700 minimum to pass the exam.

You can access SPOTO and read the full info about ccna exam cost here. The study guide that is prepared according to the modern curriculum is the authentic source to provide the support in the preparation of the exam. It is designed by the expert and the proficient faculty for the convenience of the candidates.

Exam topics

The exam topics require competency in cloud models, virtualization, infrastructure, security, resource management and business continuity.

  1. Analyze different Scenarios to Position Cisco core product portfolio with the customer
  2. Analyze the Cisco network services offering, its key functionalities and how it helps to drive customer business benefits
  3. Analyze the Cisco core product landscape, its key functionalities and how it helps to drive customer business benefits
  4. Understand the commercial customers challenger and opportunities

How to prepare Exam?

Present is the age of technology and all the modern users are shifting their business from the IT operations to the cloud platforms. You need the skills in virtualization and cloud computing play important role in the career of the IT professionals. The global cloud computing market is vast and there are thousands of job waiting for IT professionals. It is very important to get the CCNA certification for getting good jobs.

  1. The study guide provides the very early exposure the exam topics.
  2. Experienced and expert teacher are always these to provide complete assistance to the learners at anytime and anywhere, where computer can be easily accessed.

About study material

There are a huge number of resources and assistance in these educational programs that offers the chance to student to get connected with the most renowned professors and lectures.  It can enhance the leaner’s skill by teaching them time management for solving the questions in the given time. They mostly get the chance to interact their instructor and get their proper help in an appropriate way. It saves time by scheduling and implementing at right techniques.

  • It enables the student to understand the concepts in depth.
  • Its sessions are highly structured, interactive, where learners can participate equally.
  • It is less- expensive, time saver and easily accessible.
  • Study problems can be identified and solved on a regular basis.
  • It can be obtained in a comfortable atmosphere and healthy environment, which is full of fresh mental approach.
  • Students can get the flexibility of scheduling according to their free timings.

You can learn straight from the source. These above mentioned factors are greatly helpful in making math easy, to enhance the basic skills in the areas where you need help, to encourage the candidates to perform their best in exams, to produce their interest towards the math studies and to provide confidence.


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