Empowering Youth Shelton Haynes'

Cultivating a Thriving Community For RIOC

At the heart of Shelton J. Haynes’ vision for Roosevelt Island lies a commitment to community development, particularly in youth engagement. As President & CEO of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC), Haynes has played a pivotal role in transforming the island’s youth center into a dynamic and empowering space for young residents.

With an astute understanding of the importance of nurturing the island’s next generation, Haynes embarked on a journey to revamp the youth center. This initiative reflects his belief that investing in youth development is an investment in the island’s future. By providing a welcoming environment where young residents can learn, grow, and interact, Haynes is sowing the seeds of a stronger and more resilient community.

A Place of Learning and Growth

Under the leadership of Shelton Haynes, the Roosevelt Island Youth Center has evolved into a place of learning, growth, and camaraderie. The center now offers diverse educational and recreational programs to empower young residents and equip them with valuable life skills.

Haynes’ focus on creating a comprehensive platform for youth development has led to the introduction of workshops that cover essential topics such as anti-bullying, social media engagement, and cyber safety. By addressing these contemporary challenges, and he demonstrates his commitment to providing resources that resonate with the unique needs of today’s youth.

Fostering Leadership and Empowerment

Shelton Haynes’ leadership extends beyond mere infrastructure improvements; he aims to foster leadership and empowerment among Roosevelt Island’s young residents. By creating an environment where youth can voice their opinions, collaborate on projects, and take initiative, he is nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

Haynes’ vision for the youth center transcends traditional definitions of recreational space. Instead, he envisions a thriving hub where young individuals can discover their passions, develop their talents, and become active contributors to their community. This focus on empowerment prepares the island’s youth for future challenges and reinforces the sense of ownership and belonging that Haynes believes is essential for a vibrant community.

¬†Shelton Haynes Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Shelton Haynes’ visionary approach to youth development on Roosevelt Island embodies a commitment to creating a brighter future. He is nurturing the island’s young residents into confident, capable leaders by transforming the youth center into a haven of learning, growth, and empowerment. As the youth of Roosevelt Island flourish under his guidance, they are poised to shape the island’s trajectory and contribute to a community that thrives in unity and progress.

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