Andres Baida is an esteemed Mexican actor best known for his roles on television series like, la Leyenda and Los Elegidos. Additionally, he has featured in a variety of films.

He has amassed an extensive following on Instagram through posting lifestyle and modeling images.

He was raised by his mother Lily and has an unknown father’s name. Additionally, he works as a model and has done work for Hollister Co.

Biographical Information

Andres Baida, an accomplished Mexican actor who has been part of the industry for some time now. With an impressive resume and his breakout performance as Pablo in Netflix’s Control Z, Andres Baida has amassed quite the fan base and proven to be very talented.

Baida was born on 28 February 1995 in Cancun, Mexico and currently resides in El Paso, Texas, United States with only his single mother as siblings. He graduated from University of Texas El Paso (United States) with his major in finance before enrolling for acting classes at Televisa Center of Artistic Education Mexico City.

He began his career in theatre arts and has performed in multiple plays. He made his television debut as an extra in the series La rose de Guadalupe; additionally he worked as a model for Hollister Co, an Ohio-based teen and young adult retail brand.

Acting Career

Andres Baida is an accomplished Mexican actor, model, and social media influencer best known for his role as Pablo in Netflix show Control Z. Additionally he has appeared in multiple movies and TV series. Andres has an exceptional range of skills as an actor with an engaging persona.

He was born on 28 February 1995 to his mother Lily and an unknown father. He studied finance at the University of Texas El Paso before enrolling in an acting course with Centro de Educacion Artistica Mexico City.

Starting as a theater artist, he soon made the transition into acting in various plays. After making his television debut with Like, la Leyenda he eventually secured a series regular role on Los Elegidos. Compa is his cat and enjoys traveling around.

Personal Life

Andres Baida started out his acting career working in finance before enrolling at Mexico City’s Center for Artistic Education to study acting. Beginning as a theatre artist, Andres quickly made the transition into TV series such as La Rose de Guadalupe and Como dice el dicho.

He is highly active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, boasting an immense fan base that spans both. Additionally, he makes significant sums as an actor from movies, TV shows, brand endorsements, promotions, and commercials.

Andres Baida was born February 28th 1995 and currently 28 years old. Of Mexican nationality and zodiac sign Pisces, this 28 year-old actor remains single while maintaining a low profile regarding his personal life. When not acting he spends his free time travelling and animal rescuing. A major passion of his is horseback riding while having a pet cat named Compa.

Social Media

Andres Baida can be found across numerous social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, boasting an impressive following on each account where he shares lifestyle posts as well as behind-the-scene photos. He has even worked as a model for Hollister Company, a teen/young adult retail brand based out of New Albany, Ohio.

Baida has amassed considerable wealth through his acting and modeling career. He is well-known actor in Mexico and owns a cat named Compa – both are great animal enthusiasts!

Baida was born in Cancun, Mexico and currently resides in El Paso, Texas, United States. Of Mexican nationality and Christian faith, he successfully completed high school education with good grades before enrolling in the Center of Artistic Education, Mexico City’s three-year course to learn acting. Lily Baida raised him while currently being single.

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