Dj YK Mix: The Trend of Trend Setters

Here are the details of disk jockey YK’s life and career.  Dj Yk is an African disk jockey, beat producer, and songwriter. He is now among the most popular beat makers.

The real name of DJ Yk is Olayinka Lawal, in the music industry, he is known as DJ Yk or Dj Yk beat. He was born on August 23, 1993 in Sango Ijoko ,  Ogun . By religion, he is a Muslim. 


Dj Yk started his career at a very early age. He started working with music in Abeokuta at the age of seventeen. The beat that raised his popularity graph high was “South African Beat”, released in 2017. Another prominent work of his career is the latest beat “Social Media”. 

Dj Yk has worked with many popular figures in the music industry.  He has performed with Zlatan Burna Boy, Terry G, Chinko Ekum, and many others. 

Dj Yk Beats has recently signed his record label (official Dj Worldstar Music). 

DJ YK has become a celebrity in Nigeria and has a total worth of 90,000 dollars.  

Dj YK Latest Mix

The latest mixtape by DJ Yk contains free instrumentals. There are different beats for music lovers to enjoy. 

Download latest mixtape


DJJ YK ReadyTo Dance

DJ YK Awon Ayer

Jay Pizzle Saka Nana Tone Added

DJ YK Dance Groove

DJ YK Gbedu 247

Killer Tune Riddim

DJ YK Mara Beat

DJ YK Conga Zenze

Wena SWouth

StormyUsh Dance

DJ YK Uber

South Vibes Vena

DJ YK Dance Instrumental

Wna South 

DJ YK Fanda

South Ipepe Mayanta

DJ YK Retouch


Killer Tune Riddim

DJ YK Not Yet

DJ YK E Choke

South African Flute

Ajimovoix  Play

DJ YK Mara Beat

DJ YK Loud

DJ YK Conga Zenze

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