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Finding it difficult to track the location of connected devices? Scalefusion MDM is here for your rescue!


Mobile devices have become a vital element of every organization, whether it is a small business or a major corporation. Every business, from retail to logistics, has incorporated mobile technology to stay up with customer demands. 

These smart devices, however, come with their own set of problems. Sometimes it becomes tough to track the location —What can be done to ensure that these devices are used for what they were designed for? How can you keep an eye on your employees and avoid data leakage?

A mobile device management solution comes in handy in this situation. MDM software allows businesses to manage, monitor, and secure all of their enrolled devices from a single centralized platform. It allows companies to track device location in real-time and restrict access to corporate resources in the event of a security breach.

Challenges Associated with Mobile Devices

Although working remotely has its own advantages, we cannot overlook the dangers and potential risks associated with the remote work culture. Let’s have a quick look.

Location Tracking 

With the increasing number of remote workers and businesses expanding globally, the number of mobile devices has also increased. Tracking all these devices accurately at a massive scale can be cumbersome. With workers travelling all day long, especially in industries such as logistics and retail, it becomes necessary to locate the devices and monitor them for productivity.


With the increasing number of devices used for corporate business operations, security incidents and cyber crimes have increased at a greater rate than ever. A data breach is concerning as if it happens, it takes a massive amount of time and money to recover. 

Device Theft or Stolen Devices

Most people think that data breaches result from clicking on phishing emails or malicious links. But studies show that a huge chunk of security threats have happened due to device theft. According to Gartner, a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. Device theft or mishandling can prove hazardous to any organization.

Threat to Corporate Data Security

Data security and device security are two sides of the same coin. 

Whenever we talk about cyber threats, the very first thing that comes into our minds is data privacy and security. When essential corporate data stored in devices is not encrypted, there are possibilities of data breaches and ransomware attacks.

Growing BYOD trend

For many years, businesses resisted the idea of allowing employees to work remotely. But, due to the worldwide lockdowns and social distancing, businesses had no option left other than to let their employees work from home. Employees connecting to organizational networks through personal or BYO devices put the whole organization at risk of malware by unintentionally clicking on phishing emails and malicious links.

The Solution: Here’s How MDM Comes to Rescue!

Tracking the location of your device fleet can help you monitor your daily operations in a better way. Let us help you as to what features you should look for while selecting an MDM.

Real-time Location Tracking

Location tracking for your enterprise devices is extremely essential. Check whether your MDM provider facilitates real-time location tracking to keep a constant track of your mobile devices. 

Sensitive Movement monitoring Features

No matter whichever MDM you choose, it should leverage you with features such as fetching the entire route history, obtaining detailed location reports with near accurate latitude and longitude details, etc. Sometimes mobile workers switch off the GPS. Your MDM must have a robust “Enforce GPS always ON” feature so that you do not lose track of your devices at any moment.


Geofence is a virtual geographic boundary. An MDM with effective geofencing features lets you set the radius of operation, track when the device moves in or out to optimize frontline employee operations on the field. You can also get notifications in case of a location breach or if the devices move in and out of the set geofence. 

Remote Wipe off

In case of a security violation, your MDM should provide you with a remote-wipe-off feature. It should also provide notifications in the case of a data breach. 

BYOD Management

BYOD management is crucial to business continuity today. An MDM with effective BYOD management policies can help organizations in multiple ways. It ensures that employee data and work-related data is secure and well-segregated through containerization. This way, employees can use their personal devices for work, without compromising on organizational data privacy.


All the industries today require MDM with robust Location Tracking features as an additional layer of security. Be it logistics, transportation, ELD devices, last-mile delivery, construction, etc. 

Scalefusion MDM provides all the above-mentioned Location Tracking and Geofencing Features that can help manage, monitor and track your mobile devices with ease.

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