Commercial Tablets
Commercial Tablets

Industrial Professionals Prefer Custom-Built Tablets to Commercial Tablets for Several Reasons

A rugged industrial tablet that’s custom-built to fit an industrial environment can have important advantages over commercial tablets, depending on the industry, the company size, and specific use case. Here are some of the reasons industrial professionals prefer custom-built tablets to commercial tablets.

Rugged industrial tablets are designed specifically for a job

employees can count on ruggedized tablets that are tailor made for a variety of heavy industries, from construction to plumbing. Compared with commercial tablets, ruggedized tablet provide several key benefits that far outweigh their cost: increased durability and functionality, better battery life and many more features. With their extra functionality and connectivity options, workers can get more done on their tablet in less time. Rugged industrial tablets are built to withstand impact and sudden movement while weighing significantly less than other models.

A rugged tablet is all you need on the job

You can trust custom-built rugged tablets because you get exactly what you need – nothing more and nothing less. Ruggedized tablets are built with features that protect your device from dust, water, vibration, temperature fluctuations and other potentially damaging conditions. These tablets have industrial grade components built in – making them perfect for heavy use.

Rugged industrial tablets have tactile screens

In industrial environments, tablets need to be both highly visible and durable, with operators often wearing thick gloves. Ruggedized tablets are built with a layer of film between glass panels and touch sensors. This film makes it possible for operators to read or select icons even while wearing gloves. The same can’t be said of commercial tablets like iPads. Some models don’t even have screens that respond properly when touched with gloves on; it may work when you tap on one spot but not another.

Rugged tablets can be customized with hardware and software upgrades

Ruggedized tablets are built with industrial users in mind, which means they’re stronger than other tablets and can be customized by hardware and software. This customization allows you to fit rugged tablets with any kind of accessory you might need. Many professionals find these customizations valuable when performing work; therefore, many prefer custom-built rugged tablets to commercial tablets.

Rugged tablets survive harsh environments

While industrial tablets may not be as robust as their specialized counterparts, they can still withstand a healthy amount of abuse. For example, an Industrial tablet from Komori is perfectly suitable for use in a warehouse, especially with customized cases. If it falls off a table or gets stuck in some grating, it’s likely to survive and continue working like nothing happened at all.

Longer battery life in a rugged tablet means longer uptime

Companies that use industrial tablets are often in a position where it is absolutely essential that their devices be powered on 24/7. For example, technicians responsible for operating cranes or providing first aid may have a tablet at their disposal at all times. With custom tablets, you can build it with extra-long battery life so users can stay charged as long as they need. With commercial tablets, you might not have much control over battery life. If you require long battery life, building your own tablet makes sense.

Many rugged tablet models are upgradable with new memory, storage, and more

One of the major advantages that custom-built tablets offer over commercial models is upgradability. Many rugged models are available with multiple memory, storage, and processor options that can be swapped out later on if required. The ability to upgrade a tablet model makes these devices ideal for businesses with diverse needs and varying levels of use. This is a marked difference from most commercial tablets, which don’t allow you to swap out components easily.

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