Here are Four unavoidable cryptocurrencies, along with their digital frameworks

As we all know, Crypto took a huge hit a few months ago and it’s been trading sideways ever since. So we might have entered into a bear market or maybe it’s just for right now and we are gonna be all-time highs next month. Who knows Crypto at this point, but the one thing we do know is when we are given this opportunity it’s easy to get scared and not see the bigger picture, and the big picture is that the market is giving you a huge discount to buy into these coins at levels we probably will never ever see again.

Let’s take a look at which coins you should be looking at this month.


The first coin on our list is going to be LUNA. it is actually a token for the Terra protocol that focuses on the tokenomics of stable coins. There is a huge problem with stable coins in the crypto space right now. Because all the ones you see today are USDT, BUSD and USDC are all controlled by centralized companies meaning they can essentially do whatever they want with your funds and if one day government orders them to freeze your assets, they theoretically can.

Terra solved this issue by creating two coins. One is, UST which is their stable coin, and another one is LUNA, which is its native token. So how does Terra stable coin UST fix this issue? For one, it is decentralized and its value is driven algorithmically through its relationship to LUNA.

Just a few months ago there was also an article stating over 160 projects are set to launch on TERRA in early 2022, which gives huge confidence that LUNA’s price will increase as this happens. It means it is safe to say that many more DApps will be created on this protocol and with heavy regulations that we are seeing like Canada is recently freezing people’s accounts, this just proves the need for decentralization even watch out for LUNA because if we see heavy regulations on stable coins, many developers will move over to LUNA which will cause the price to skyrocket.


It’s a blockchain that allows programmers to create decentralized apps. Doesn’t it sound a little like Ethereum? Instead, it offers a quick transaction speed and low gas fees, which are two issues that Ethereum has always had.

Avalanche has gone from $4 to all-time highs of over $135 since its inception in 2020 and is presently sitting around $65. So, from a technical sense, if the price returns to its previous level of $135, you’ll get a 2x return on your investment right away.

Many blockchains, including Solana, just stopped working or had a technical difficulty when the market was under a lot of stress due to the market dropping and everyone panicked selling. Avalanche, on the other hand, was one of the few companies that didn’t have any problems with the large amounts of data.

In addition to everything Avalanche is doing, a large number of DApps are being developed on the blockchain. There’s DEXT, 1inch’s platform is getting better, platypus, and the list goes on and on.


In 2022, the Bficoin is on the rise, rising from $5 to an all-time high of $45 in less than a month. With all-new technology, tremendous scalability, and a vast utility-based Eco-System, BFIC represents the Crypto Industry’s unavoidable future.

The future of BFIC holds new and revolutionary benefits, including additional money-making opportunities, expanded utilities, and more. Above all, this coin has the lowest transaction cost and is based on the latest 3rd generation of blockchain technology known as Bfic Blockchain allowing for lightning-fast transactions. Because it is a proof-of-stake coin, you can stake bficoin and earn about 0.5 percent of your money every day.


Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, debuted its own cryptocurrency, BNB, in July 2017. Binance currency is an ERC20 token that runs on the Ethereum decentralized blockchain network. Binance initially did not have its own blockchain, but now they have their own blockchain. This blockchain is based on one of the most advanced technology. Binance BNB was able to establish smart contracts and was highly scalable thanks to Ethereum’s proof of stake consensus mechanism.

Binance is currently working on a number of initiatives, including exchanges, Binance smart chain, Binance academy research projects, and digital wallets. The BNB coin maintains a major role in all of these initiatives since they rely on the BNB currency to obtain funding via decentralized blockchain technology.

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