How are Clothes Made for Kids? Step by Step Guide

Kids’ clothes are not a recent invention. They have been around for years, and the clothes you find in the market  these days are a blend of modern hijab fashion and traditional trends. There is not a massive difference between the manufacturing process of kids’ and adults’ clothes. If you are curious to know how kids’ clothes are made. We let you know the process of manufacturing in detail. Here is a step by step guide to how kids’ clothes are made!

Step by Step Kids Clothes Manufacturing Process

There are a few basic procedures included in the kids’ clothes manufacturing process, such as cutting, sewing, assembling, decorating and finishing.

  • Fabric for garments is usually stacked one length on top of the other in lays or reaches that can be around 30.5 cm long and about hundred plies thick. In kids Pakistani clothes, these stacks of fabric are manufactured using spreading machines. A cutting lay or marker is fastened to the fabric using an adhesive stripping. The pattern includes all pieces of the garment in an arranged manner. The fabric is then cut using a saw into many pieces. This is not an ordinary saw, rather it is a special saw called an industrial saw.
  • After that, the process of cutting is started. Different machines are used to cut the garment out in components. The machine is usually chosen on the basis of fabric type, and other considerations. Such machines may include a band cutter that works almost like a band saw. Other machines used in this regard include machines with reciprocal blades, and cutters with rotary blades etc click here.
  • The cut pieces are then taken to the sewing stations for sewing. The operators in sewing stations tend to perform only one operation on a single piece of a set of pieces that are being sewn.
  • The final step in the kids clothes manufacturing process is the final sewing. It is the assembly when all the pieces of the clothes are put together in segments and assembled into the final product. After that, decorating and finishing is performed as per the configuration of the garment. Finishing can include several steps such as molding. Pressing is one of the basic molding procedures along with creasing and pleating. After that some decorations can be done on the garments according to the configuration. A pocket, stitching of cuffs are all parts of the decorating process. The final product or completed garment is collected by the type and size and is packed or bagged. So, this is how the clothes of kids are made, quite similar to that of adults.

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