Investment Property in Melbourne
Investment Property in Melbourne

Here’s How the Experts Can Help You Buy an Investment Property in Melbourne

If you’re getting started in or branching into Melbourne’s investment property market, you should be talking to property investment advisors. In a saturated, busy market, it’s hard to find someone who’s willing to get down to the nitty-gritty on your behalf and get you started on your journey of property investment in Melbourne.

But if you’re still on the fence about the value of a property investment advisor, there are definite benefits that come with working with these experts. 

The Benefits of Having a Property Advisor On Your Side

They Help You Make Good Choices

Property advisors are not in the buying/selling business. They are more interested in helping you make an educated choice in terms of purchasing a property. They can look into the market to find an investment property that meets your requirements and offer objective, independent investment advice. They can also help you aim towards paying for the lowest possible cost to secure the best property. Overall, a property advisor can help you find a property that may not be obvious to others but has potential for the future and makes a great investment. 

They Don’t Work on Commission

By working directly with you, the property advisors are not bound by a vendor or selling agent commissions. This means that the properties recommended to you are not coming from bias or personal interest, they are completely independent recommendations from someone who is working solely for you. 

They Work Towards Your Goals

Property investment advisors are unique as they work towards finding the right investment property for you. This means that you are far more likely to find the right property to boost your portfolio, not the easiest property on the market. The property investment advisor works on everything, from negotiation, acquisition and property management. 

They Can Save You Money

There is a guaranteed profit involved if you invest in the right properties. This is why selecting the right property is so time-consuming. You have to research many factors that include prior sales, market influences, economic factors and the like. When you work with an investment advisor, you can be assured that a profit is made by simply choosing the right property. 

Their Experience Will Save You Time 

Your time is just as valuable as your money. Unfortunately, property investment, when done solo, is a time-consuming undertaking that can take hours out of your week. When you work with a great property investment advisor, they will let you go back to living your life and will manage the searching, negotiation and management of the property after leasing. The more experienced the property advisor is, the easier the process will be!

They Know the Local Property Market

Melbourne is a complicated market for property investment, especially if you aren’t a local or don’t know the area very well. This is where the advisor comes in. When you choose a local property advisor, they can let you know which suburb is better than the other, which street is safer, and which area is more likely to increase in value over time. 

Pick Wakelin’s Property Investment Advisors for Stress-Free Buying! 

Wakelin is the local choice for people hoping to buy or sell in Melbourne. In addition to their vendor’s and buyer’s agents in Melbourne, they offer stress-free investment advice and coordinate all the support services you need to get your portfolio up to scratch. 


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