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Did you know that a faded, dull asphalt driveway surface can be restored just like new in only a few hours? This can be done through a good sealcoating treatment. It is an almost magical way to transform asphalt pavements into something you have always wanted. Also, it is a very cost-efficient way of restoring the look and feel of your asphalt driveway as well. A quality asphalt pavement contractor will always recommend sealcoat treatment for any driveway.

What Is Sealcoating and What Can It Do?

Time can have a rather dull effect on asphalt driveways that are always exposed to elements. A sealcoat is the application of a thin layer of liquid that protects the paved surface from damage caused by UV rays, snow, and also rainwater. Moreover, it can protect the paved surface from dripping fluids from vehicles and engines. A sealcoat might not be able to cure cracks. However, it will help prevent such damage from occurring when done right.

A proper sealcoat is a proven way to extend the life of your driveway. The timing and efficiency of a seal coat is very important for any paved surface. It will also keep damage away for much longer preventing expensive repairs and relaying of the surface.

Interesting Facts About Sealcoating that Prove Its Cost Effectiveness

  • With its protective layer and filling the surface damage, sealcoating prolongs the life of any asphalt pavement. It keeps away damaging water, snow, UV rays, and vehicle fluids.
  • Over time, exposure to elements causes asphalt pavements to become faded. When you apply a fresh sealcoat, it will enhance the appearance and color of your driveway making it look fresh.
  • A proper sealcoat will keep away asphalt driveway damage for longer. It will provide greater cost-efficiency with its low-cost application keeping long-term repair requirements away.
  • Both the spray or squeegee methods work for sealcoating. There is no one better than the other. Both will cost around the same as well.
  • The recommended temperature to apply a sealcoat is around 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is not necessary but can get good application results if maintained throughout the application process and eight hours following the application.
  • A fresh sealcoat will accelerate the snow-melting process. This helps keep your driveway safer in harsh winter environments as well. Also, it will help with frost and rainwater removal.
  • Make sure to get your asphalt driveway property cleared of all dirt and debris before applying a sealcoat. Minor potholes and cracks should also be filled before application. Also, vehicle-leaking oils and other fluids should be removed properly before sealcoating as well.

What Is the Best Time to Sealcoat Your Asphalt Driveway?

Usually, a professional driveway pavement contractor will recommend a fresh sealcoat before winter. However, keeping in mind the temperature recommendation, you need to decide the best time for application. Also, sealcoating is a great way of preparing your asphalt driveway for harsh winters.

If it snows a lot in your area, make sure to get a fresh sealcoat before it starts to snow. Collecting snow will puddle up and melt into water that will get into the underlayers and cause damage. Also, the best time to get a fresh sealcoat is whenever your driveway is looking dull and faded.

One of the best things about a sealcoat is that it will restore the fresh color and presentation of any asphalt driveway. It should regularly be applied every 2-3 depending on the weather conditions. Areas with milder weather can get away with a 5-year sealcoat application.

Keep in mind that a sealcoat will extend the life of your driveway when applied regularly. It is a cost-efficient way and very affordable. You will be able to save money in the long run while keeping your asphalt pavement looking fresh and new.

Is It Better to Sealcoat or Repave the Pavement?

Repaving any asphalt driveway is an expensive process. Also, it will take a lot of time as well. Several days will be required to dig up the existing driveway and install a new one. Also, the surface will be required to be left alone. You will not be able to park on it or use it in any way for a few days.

A fresh sealcoat on the other hand will only require a few hours. Usually, a 6-8 hours window is quite adequate for a sealcoat application. However, every driveway or parking lot is a different surface. There are still many factors to consider when deciding.

In case there are major cracks that have formed already or loose surface coming off, repaving might be recommended. Minor cracks and potholes can be filled and sealed on top. So, make sure to get a professional opinion on the matter. An experienced contractor will be able to guide the right way.

Final Words

Sealcoating is a very affordable way to prevent long-term damage on your asphalt pavement. Whether you have a residential driveway or a commercial parking lot, a fresh sealcoat will provide long-term benefits. It will also keep your paved surface looking good and fresh for much longer.

In addition, sealcoating provides the best winter protection for asphalt pavements as well. It will help melt snow faster and clear out the driveway much quicker. So, make sure to get a fresh seal-coat once every 2-3 years. It will make your driveway last much longer.

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