Indian Visa For New Zealand and Swiss Citizens – Meets Sportsman Criteria

If you are from New Zealand or Switzerland, you may qualify for an Indian visa if you meet the sportsman criteria. To apply for this visa, you must arrive at the designated seaports or airports. Once you have been granted the visa, you may depart from any authorized Immigration Check Post in India. You should contact the local Indian embassy for more information.


eVisa INDIAN VISA FOR NEW ZEALAND CITIZENS and INDIAN VISA FOR SWISS CITIZENS is an e-visa that allows a person to visit India for business, education, or medical purposes. The Indian visa for Swiss citizens has several restrictions that must be met by Swiss nationals before they can travel to India. For instance, Swiss citizens cannot pursue journalism, film making, or a university degree in India while on this visa. They cannot work in India for more than one month and they cannot visit military or cantonment areas.

eVisa for New Zealand and Swiss citizens is issued online, and it allows an applicant to apply for an Indian visa in as little as three business days. However, rush processing is available in certain cases. Therefore, NZ citizens should apply for the eVisa at least four days prior to travel. Once approved, the NZ and Swiss nationals can either save or print out the eVisa, and take it to the airport with them. The NZ and Swiss citizens can also travel to India using an eVisa for New Zealand or Swiss Citizens for sportsman criteria.

eTourist visa

An Indian tourist visa is valid for a stay of up to nine months. For this purpose, an applicant must have a valid passport and should apply well in advance. The visa can be obtained online. The passport must be valid for at least three months beyond the departure date. The applicant should submit a recent color photograph of himself or herself against a white background, with his/her face clearly visible from the crown to the chin.

The New Zealand government has successfully negotiated individual visa waiver arrangements with several countries in Europe. Depending on the nature of the trip, New Zealanders can visit these countries for up to 90 days. Diplomatic passport holders can also enter Austria and New Zealand for up to three months. Nevertheless, the New Zealand government advises applicants to carefully review the eligibility criteria for each visa. In order to be eligible for a sports visa, an applicant must meet certain criteria.

Business visa

An Indian visa for New Zealand and Swiss citizens that meets the sportsman criteria is a convenient way to visit India. You can apply for an Indian visa online and get the confirmation by email. The application form is easy to fill out online and the payment can be made in 137 currencies. The process takes a few minutes and does not require you to visit the Indian Embassy or obtain a visa stamp.

The High Commission of India in Wellington is the appropriate place to apply for a sportsman’s visa for India. The High Commission of India in Wellington oversees New Zealand, the Cook Islands, and the Republic of Samoa. If you plan to apply in person, make sure you contact the High Commission of India in Wellington. Be sure to submit your application fully and accurately; incomplete forms will be rejected.

Medical visa

The Indian visa for New Zealand and Swiss citizens meets the sportsman criteria for visa exemption. In order to apply for this visa, New Zealanders should fill an online application form. Applicants must provide personal information, such as their nationality, religion, and visible identification marks. In addition, they must state whether they are married. Filling out the application form must be done carefully. The information you provide must match the information on your passport.

A copy of the New Zealand or Swiss passport is required for acquiring the Indian visa. The New Zealand and Swiss citizens will also need to bring two passport photos of themselves. If they are a sportsman, they will need to submit a photograph showing their physical characteristics. The New Zealand passport photograph can be taken at any time of the day. The photograph must be of a recent passport page, a picture of a sportsman, or a photo of their face. The photos can be uploaded or emailed to the Indian Visa Customer Support.

Attendant visa

You can apply for an Indian visa online without visiting the Indian Embassy or Consulate. After filling up the form, you will receive your eVisa for India, which you can present at the airport to get your visa stamped. Your eVisa is recorded in the government’s central computer system, so any Immigration Officer can retrieve it from any airport worldwide. The visa process is easy and fast, but you should pay attention to the details you enter, as even the slightest mistake could result in denial or unnecessary delays.

You can apply for an Indian visa for New Zealand and Swiss citizens for free through our website. We provide you with a secure link to upload your documents, which you can do either online or through an email to our Customer Support team. The process to apply for an Indian visa online takes just minutes, and you can have your visa within a few days! You may be asked to provide additional details, which take about 2 minutes to complete.

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