Indian Visa From Japan Online Application Process

If you are planning to visit India, you must have a valid passport or any other travel document stamped by the Indian Immigration Department. In case your travel document is an ordinary one, you must make sure that it has at least half a year’s validity left on the date you apply. However, if you are travelling on an official business trip, you must have a valid business or personal passport. It is recommended to submit the application online as this is much faster and easier than filling out the form by hand.Now the question is that, How Japanese Citizens can apply Indian Visa?

e-Tourist Visa

If you are planning to travel to India, you must know about the Indian e-Tourist visa application procedure. This process will help you obtain a visa on short notice. In this process, you will fill in factual information about yourself online, which includes providing your passport details. You will also need to submit some documents to support your claim, such as a photo and proof of sufficient funds. You will also need to upload a photo and passport-style picture of your face to be valid for at least six months.

The passport of the applicant must be valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in India, and should have two blank pages. The e-Visa will be stamped in the passport of the applicant, so the old passport must be kept with him at all times. The applicant must also have a return ticket or an onward journey to India and sufficient funds for spending while in India. The application form also requires a recent passport-sized photo of the applicant that is less than 4 MB.

e-Medical Visa

The e-Medical Visa for India is an important piece of travel paperwork that enables foreigners to receive health treatment and evaluations without the need to obtain a regular visa. This visa is valid for three months and is obtainable for a total stay of 60 days. During that time, the traveler may enter India for medical treatments or evaluations three times. The entire process can be completed online in a few minutes.

Japanese citizens can apply for an Indian visa for a variety of reasons. The e-Medical Visa can be used for business trips, medical visits, and tourism. The Indian government has adopted a streamlined application process to help Japanese citizens access this visa. These e-Visas are available for a variety of purposes, including clinical visits, tourism, and yoga. Once approved, the traveler will receive a confirmation email for their visit.

Handwritten forms not accepted

The Indian Visa from Japan online application process does not accept handwritten forms. You must provide the correct information and details, and the information you provide must match those on your passport and other documents. If you make any mistake, you may be denied a visa and face difficulties in your future applications. Consult with a visa consultant to avoid these issues. You can apply for a Japanese visa online if you do not have a previous travel record in Japan.

You can also apply for an Indian visa by hand if you have no previous travel history in Japan. However, there are some guidelines you must follow. Unlike the e-Visa, the regular visa application process requires that you complete the form online and print it out. In addition, you must carry all the necessary documents, which is not possible for those who have written applications. Handwritten forms are not accepted for the Indian Visa from Japan online application process.


You can obtain an Indian Visa from Japan online by paying the application fees in Japanese Yen or any other one of the 135 currencies. You can acquire this visa easily, quickly, and without any hassles. But, you must make sure that you can pay in Japanese Yen or any of the 135 currencies, because these are not accepted elsewhere in the world. The online application fee for an Indian Visa from Japan is around $27.

You must make sure to apply for the visa in advance, as this will help you avoid unexpected expenses while in Japan. Japan is a rule-following country. You should allow at least 60-90 days before your departure date to obtain the visa. However, if you cannot leave your home country before that time, make sure you have insurance before you arrive. Having insurance is a good idea, as it will protect your savings and prevent you from spending more than you have. For example, you must have evacuation coverage. If you have an emergency while in Japan, you can prove that you have insurance to the medical practitioner.

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