Level-up your candle sale with Custom Candle Boxes

Overview of our services

If you are the manufacturer or the dealer of candles, you will be worried about grabbing the best custom candle boxes packaging for your product. If you are on our website, certainly, you are at the right place. We offer amazing candle packaging services with appealing box packing and designs. 

Candles are used in different ways and people love to purchase candles for different purposes including home decoration, presenting gifts to someone and home usage, etc. If candles are packed in unique and custom candle boxes, you will be astonished at the results. Your sales graph will surely go high and your customers will prefer to purchase candles from your company.

If you are a wholesaler or a retailer, we can serve you at both levels. We can manage bulk order if you are a wholesaler of candles and can also serve you best with smaller orders if you are a retailer. But there wouldn’t be any compromise on quality and packaging. 

Our services

Candles packed in custom boxes and with shiny, glowing surfaces, will definitely attract your customers. If you want custom candle box service along with mind-blowing printing designs on them, you can enjoy all these services with us.

We use spot UV technology for furnishing the candle box edges with attractive cuts, which will surely raise the level of beauty for the candle boxes. Wouldn’t it be amazing, if your candles would be nicely packed with sinning and glowing color combinations and durability? Certainly, it will appeal you and your customer as well. 

We also have custom designs equipped with PVC windows that we fit on the outward appearance of candle boxes. We can also do this for you to make your candle box packing more appealing for your customers. 

Innovative designs

We provide a variety of innovative designs to customize the candle boxes. Our services are unique and include:

Well-managed team members

We prefer to work with expert team-members. They know how to use the best of their abilities. Their aesthetic ideas further refine the customization of candle boxes. 

Types of candle boxes

We have a wide variety of custom candle boxes in our service line that include unique designs, shining and matte outer surfaces and plain surface styles. That is your choice, which design appeals and which you want us to customize for you. 

Cost and delivery

If you will place in bulk, we will offer you with the least price against each unit ranging from $0.10 to $0.50. We also have the free-delivery option available for you if you want to avail that.


Can I have custom candle boxes in any size?

We can make a variety of candle boxes in different sizes, in which size you want, that is up to you. If you have any of your ideas, we can also customize them for you. 

What are delivery charges and minimum order limit?

If you place the order from 1000 to 5000 units, we will do free delivery for you at your given place within the USA. Currently, we have set the minimum order limit at 1000 units.

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