Perfect Collage Dorm Party

The Perfect Collage Dorm Party: What Should You Do?

What’s a college dorm party without a good old-fashioned collage? Forget the intricately planned themes and organization skills of older generations. These days, a successful collage dorm party is one that can be thrown together in just a few hours with hardly any forethought. The most important part is making it an epic shindig for your friends. That’s why we’re here to help: with this list of dorm-appeal activities, you’ll be sure to up your college game!

The Ultimate Party Activity

Before you go out and buy every single dorm-party item on the market, try to think of one (or several) party props that will simplify your life. For example, you could supply glow sticks, mini pool tables and ping pong tables so your friends can play without having to go out to the store. We’ve even heard of people who use a projector to display movies on a white wall for their movie nights! The possibilities really are endless.

Video Game Night

If you’re going to have a big collage dorm party, you might as well make it count. Have your friends bring their video game consoles over and have a marathon of all their favorite games. To really up the fun factor, schedule your collage near the end of the semester so that your friends can blow off some steam before finals week. If you have enough space in your dorm, you could even go all out and have a video game tournament!

Screening the Classics

What’s the best way to get people to hang out together? Bond over delicious food, of course! Treat your friends to some classic movie theater snacks with these dorm-friendly recipes: fresh fruit and granola bowls or homemade popcorn. The only thing better than watching a movie is watching it with friends. After the movie, play some board games or other fun activities with your guests.

Dorm-Appeal Storage Ideas

There are some products that are perfect for college. Take this list with you to the store next time you have to go shopping!

Check out these storage items that make it easy to be green in your dorm room:

College bin stores & reuse bins (for food storage & donations): If every member of your dorm has one of these, you can all avoid using plastic grocery bags or other single-use plastic.

Re-useable shopping bags: You’ll probably use a lot of these in your first few weeks of college, so it’s better to have them from the beginning.

Disposable aluminum take-out containers (for leftovers): Instead of using disposable plastic or paper plates, you can pack up leftovers and store them in these handy boxes!

With these three must-have dorm items, you’ve already figured out what materials to buy for your collage dorm party.

Check out this list of dorm-appeal storage items that are perfect for college:

Bamboo sheets: You might not think of your bed as part of your dorm décor, but it is! Not only will bamboo sheets feel luxuriously soft to you, but they’re also really good for the environment—bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly materials out there.

Recycled wool blankets (for when it’s cold out): Wool keeps you warmer than cotton-based materials because it contains more air. And if you’re worried about the price, don’t worry—wool is surprisingly affordable! So go ahead, be the first in your dorm to snuggle up on the couch with a cozy blanket.

Rugs (to warm up your bare feet): Rugs keep your floor warm in the winter, and they also can tie your room together with coordinated patterns. Just make sure you match them with a color scheme! If you’re not sure how to find the right color, play it safe and go with black or white. You could even use paint to create fun designs on your floor.

Patchwork rugs: We don’t recommend going out and buying all brand new supplies, but if you have some extra rugs lying around, you could totally repurpose them! Use a patchwork rug to emphasize your dorm’s theme and add a splash of color.

Wall decals (to add color): Wall decals are a fun way to turn your room into an artistic collage, and they’re a great way to cover up the random stains that tend to pop up after your friends have had a party.

Since you’ve already considered all the essentials, it’s time to put together the rest of your collage dorm party.

The Ultimate Party Decorating Items

It’s not really a party unless you have some sparkly decorations! This list of dorm-appeal party décor includes everything from party hats to streamers:

Party Hats: You can wear your party hat in your hair, on your head, as a cap or even as a mask. It’s all up to you how you want to wear it!

Streamers: Start the night off right with these easy-to-use streamers. Once the party’s over, you can just cut the streamers and store them in a plastic bag for next time.

Citations (for students who have been studying) : A good way to make your dorm room look more like a library is to use book covers and citations as décor. You can also make customized citations to better fit your theme!

Napkins: As the hostess of your collage dorm party, it’s your job to provide a clean, organized space for socializing. This is especially important if you want your guests to return again and again. To keep napkins out of the waste bin, just use them as a table covering.

Just because you’re in college, that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. With these dorm-appeal items, your room will be filled with all the decorative things you need to throw a great party!

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