mail order brides
mail order brides

How Much Does It Cost to Find and Buy a Foreign Wife Through Mail Order Brides?

You may have come across mail order bride platforms if you’ve been active in the online dating arena, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic’s shutdown. These websites cater to men and women from all around the world who are looking for romantic relationships.

However, because there are so many mail order bride platforms available today, choosing which one to utilize might be challenging.

Pricing is an excellent factor in which mail-order bride service customers choose. Because there are so many services available, you can narrow down your choices based on your budget.

We’ll look at the best alternatives for you to consider when trying to buy a wife. There are some dirt cheap mail-order bride services and others that almost break the bank, and we’ll look at the best options for you to consider when looking to purchase a wife.

Top 5 Mail Order Bride Sites for Finding a Wife

So, here is a list of five of the greatest and most reliable mail order bride services:

1. AsiaMe

2. Latin Beauty Date

3. Meet European Beauty

4. Kiss Russian Beauty

5. Latin Women Love

Continue reading to learn more about each website.


If you wish to meet Asian women, you should go to AsiaMe. The site is powered by Qpid networks and includes a number of features that make it easier for guys looking for a good Eastern bride to buy.

For example, AsiaMe allows users to contact them if they are having problems with the site.

When assistance is required, the administrators and customer service professionals constantly go above and above. When it comes to the quality of the ladies on AsiaMe, there isn’t much to complain about.

However, you can only communicate with them after purchasing a platform-determined token.

Date a Latin Beauty

One of the most basic platforms for meeting Latinas is Latin Beauty Date. The registration process is quick and easy, and the mail order bride prices are reasonable. To maintain security, the website features a thorough verification process that assists administrators in detecting and removing bots and fraudulent profiles.

This site encourages shy males to try their luck with love. If you are from a foreign country, such as the United States or Europe, you will have a higher chance with these ladies.

Get to Know European Beauty

Meet European Beauty is a website you should consider if you want to date and marry a vivacious European girl from nations such as Sweden, Ukraine, Poland, and others.

It caters to males looking for European brides and has an array of exotic ladies within its ranks.

The site is subscription-based, but it gives you a taste of what you’ll get before you have to pay. You shouldn’t be concerned about hackers getting your credit card information because the payment process is quick and safe.

Simply complete the simple registration form and you’ll be on your way to meeting a beautiful mail-order wife.

Embrace Russian Beauty

When looking for Russian ladies to buy, don’t be fooled by appearances. You may believe that Russian women are harsh, rebellious, and unattractive because of Hollywood preconceptions about them.

A visit to a website such as Kiss Russian Beauty, on the other hand, will show the reality about Russian brides for sale. This welcoming mail-order brides website concentrates on exhibiting Russian women in all of their splendour.

It makes things simple for you by providing an amazing user experience and affordable females with whom you may communicate.

Latinas adore guys.

Latin Women Love is another interesting website to visit if you’re interested in Latina women. Latin Women Love, like Latin Beauty Date, provides you the best women the Spanish region has to offer.

It allows you to choose the three most important qualities in a woman right away, ensuring that the algorithm only displays women on your homepage who share your values and appearance.

What Do Mail Order Brides Cost?

The cost of mail order brides varies depending on the platform and its characteristics. Some websites use a subscription model, which requires you to renew your membership after a certain amount of time has passed.

Others ask for one-time fees from customers who want to sign up, so users can choose between the two business models based on their financial situation.

Some sites finance their services by presenting advertisements for third-party businesses, therefore the cheapest mail order bride costs are free.

This strategy, however, isn’t the greatest because it has a big impact on the user experience of the mail order site. Then there’s the matter of data privacy, which some of those websites ignore.

Paid mail order systems can cost as little as $10 per month for bride shopping, with premium platforms costing up to $50 per month. When trying to buy a wife, this cost ranges from $120 to $600 every year.

Although some users may believe that purchasing a wife is expensive, it is less expensive than embarking on several bad dates per month.

The majority of the money you’ll spend on a bride will be spent wooing the ladies. Mail-order brides, like other women, enjoy getting gifts, so if you want to boost your chances of attracting the greatest ladies, get your love interest a gift every now and then, no matter how modest.

When you include in the cost of these gifts as well as the cost of actual meetings, you might expect to spend $5000 or more on your mail-order wife.

What are the Best Mail Order Bride Prices in Which Regions?

The cost of a mail order bride varies depending on which nations you search in. Fortunately, we’ve researched the various regions and can tell you roughly how much you can anticipate to pay for girls from the following countries:

The Price of Russian Mail Order Brides

When determining the cost of a Russian bride, you must include in costs such as travel tickets to Russia, which cost around $600 round-trip from New York.

Dinners with the lady would cost between $50 and $100. Finally, if you want to take her home with you, you’ll have to pay for subscriptions to the mail order site, lodging, a K-1 visa, travel, and immigration, all of which can add up to more than $3000 in costs.

The Price of Asian Mail Order Brides

Because certain Asian cities are expensive to live in, you may have to pay a premium to visit your mail-order bride for a while. Up to $3000 should be set out for lodging, $1000 for eating and dinners for a fortnight, and $1000 for aircraft tickets.

The Price of Latin Mail Order Brides

Men interested in dating Latin mail order brides should budget at least $3000 to go to her nation, see her, and return to a Western country like the United States.

However, if you want to make the relationship legal, you’ll have to spend additional money. You can spend as much as $10,000 on your bride’s wedding, depending on her preferences.

The Price of European Mail Order Brides

The cost of a European mail order bride varies depending on where you live in Europe. The lowest choices, however, start at $4000 and go up to $9000, depending on how far you’re travelling and how long you want to spend on the continent with the lady. Dinners and more extravagant dates will all add up to a hefty cost at the end of the day.

The Cost of Services for Mail Order Brides

The cost of mail order dating is determined by the platform you use, the girls that catch your eye, the distance you travel, and the amount of money you are willing to spend when you meet the lady in person. The following factors play a major role in the cost of mail-order brides:

Services on the Web

Without the acquaintance stage that mail-order sites give, you won’t be able to meet your mail-order girl. For their services, they can charge you anywhere from $10 to $50 per month. The quality of girls you might meet, on the other hand, frequently justifies those fees.


You could spend a lot of money during courtship, depending on how vain your love interest is. You can spend as little as $50 on a gift for your woman or as much as $1000 or more. However, we strongly advise you to use prudence when spending in order to avoid falling prey to money-hungry ladies.

Dating in the Real World

One of the most expensive aspects of mail-order dating is offline dating. Consider the cost of travelling abroad and returning, as well as the cost of taking the lady out on dates. Finally, when you factor in the cost of gifts and lodging expenses, you might easily spend more than $3000.

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