The Complete Guide to Project Management Certification

The Complete Guide to Project Management Certification

Project Management Certification

The question which pops up is “What is Project Management Certification?”

Out of other certifications, Project Management Certification is internationally recognized and as professional designation offered by the PMI or Project Management Institute. It is one of the most well-respected form of education and the world demands the certification to be earned in major ways.

PDU in Project Management

The PDU here stands for the Professional Development Unit. It is one of the major ways to measure the ongoing professional development.

Here you have to go by steps. First you have to earn the PMP certification. Then you need to maintain your credential to fulfil your PMP PDU requirements.

This certification helps you in various ways. It adds a good impression to your CV. Not only that but also show your dedication to your organization and levels up your bonding skills in your organization and with your clients. But this does not end here. You have to maintain an active status. You should always try to enhance yourself and your professional development. Once you receive the credentials, it is easier to maintain the active status. For the PMP holders, they need to earn minimum 60 professional development units commonly called as PDUs. This is done over the period of three years to maintain the credentials.

The certificate you hold or the Continuing Certification given, it starts from the immediate day, you pass the PMP certification exam By SprintZeal Expert. It has its validity till three years starting from the same date and ends on the same.

If you want to earn PDUs, there are basically two general ways. One of them is “Ongoing education” and the other is “Give back to the industry”

Ongoing Education

It solely depends on you; on what mode of education, you prefer. You can either take up to online courses or you can also take it in person. You have to attend the seminars related to those topics or the industrial events taking place. Some prefer to learn on their own. So you can also opt for self-directed learning and take it at your own pace. The only thing that matters is, if the course you will be taking is officially sanctioned to give out PDUs.

Give back to the industry

For this you have to be creative enough and show your creativity in creating the contents. It should be informative enough, which can be added to the body of the knowledge. You got to volunteer, which will provide help to the project management services even outside of your company. Either you prefer to do things like these or you can simply focus on practicing project management, daily counts towards your credentials.

PMP Educational Requirements

The educational requirements are the examples which can be demonstrated by the successful completion of courses, offered training sessions or workshops. This education is provided by certain type of providers.

PMI Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s)

PMI Component organizations

Employer/company sponsored programs

Training companies or consultants

Distance-learning companies

University/college academic and continuing education programs

You have to keep this in mind that one hour of classroom teaching is same as that of one contact hour. And if you are taking up any online courses then you must comply with the same rule there too.


PMBOK here stands for Project Management Body of Knowledge. According to the 1st edition of PMBOK guide,” All those topics, subject areas and intellectual process which are involved in the application of sound management”

It ensures the abstract idea and is meant to spread out through the project managers around the world. This helps to manage the projects successfully.


In the 6th edition, the guide classifies different sectors of each knowledge area. It gives emphasis on business knowledge and also strategic knowledge. This includes various discussions such as of project management or business documents. If you want to purchase, it will be easily available on its website. But if you are looking for a general review, you can check out the Wikipedia too.

Top Courses Available

There are also other courses rather than PMP or PRINCE2 which you can take up in your management background. For example – Coursera, Brain Sensei.

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