Indian Business Visa
Indian Business Visa

Indian Visa Application Process and Passport Requirement

If you’re planning on visiting India, you should know about the INDIAN VISA APPLICATION process and the necessary requirements for your passport. You should also know about e-Visa and the rules regarding Naxalites. Read on to find out more!


Whether you are traveling for tourism or business, it is important to have your passport in order of application process for an Indian visa. The Indian government has certain requirements for passports, and your passport must be up-to-date. You can also use an old Indian passport or school leaving certificate, as long as you have the correct information on them. The photo must also be clear and of high resolution. It should be a full color scan, and it should not have any white space or shadow.

After you submit your application, it is checked for errors by a visa specialist. They look for common mistakes and requirements. If you find an error, you have time to correct the mistake before it gets rejected. If everything looks correct, the application is sent to the Indian immigration service.


Before you start applying for an Indian visa, it is important that you understand the application process and passport requirements. US citizens must obtain a visa before traveling to India. Fortunately, e-Visas can be applied for online, saving you the trouble of going to the embassy in person. Nevertheless, it is imperative that you have a recent photograph and a complete photo page of your passport.

The application form asks for the place of birth of the applicant. This must match the place on the passport. If you’re applying for an Indian visa from London, the place should match the one on the passport.


In order to get an e-Visa for India, you must meet certain passport requirements. The details that appear on your passport must match the details that appear on the application form. Immigration Officers will compare the information on the application form and the information in your passport to check that they match.

The e-Visa for India visa application process can be completed online. The validity period of the e-Visa depends on the purpose of travel. An e-Visa for India for business or medical reasons is valid for a year. An e-Visa for India for tourism is valid for only 180 days, so you will need to renew your passport after the visa expires. The e-Visa cannot be used to visit areas that are restricted to foreigners. For security reasons, the Indian government has banned certain areas for foreigners to visit.

To receive your e-Visa, you must provide a valid passport, which must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry into India. You should also verify your email address before submitting the application, as your e-Visa will be sent to your email address when it’s approved.


Traveling to India can be complicated if you’re a member of the Naxalites. These maoist extremists are active in East Central India and have a history of conflict with the government. They’ve attacked government officials, police, and paramilitary forces. Although they have not specifically targeted American citizens, their attacks on public property, such as railway lines and luxury hotels, have drawn criticism.

The Naxalite movement has caused several deaths and blocked National Highway 2 in some areas. British nationals should check with local authorities to determine if traveling to the region is safe.

Default size for scanned INDIAN Visa application & PASSPORT

The Indian Visa application requires a scanned copy of your passport and a photo of yourself. Scanning your passport is easy and does not require any special software or hardware. Just make sure that you scan the right page, which has all of your personal information. If you have any trouble with scanning your passport, try right-clicking on the file and clicking on Properties. If you’re unsure about how to scan your passport, you can always take a clear picture with a camera.

The scanned copy must be in a JPEG format, with a minimum of 350 x 350 pixels. The photo must have a clear front facing image, with a white background. The image must be no more than 3MB.


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