RishtaPakistan.pk: Your Search For The Perfect Match Ends Here

RishtaPakistan.pk is one of the most popular matchmaking companies that has helped millions of people to find their ideal match. We have helped people to find the missing happiness in their life. Our services are unmatchable because we have a comprehensive approach to providing our customers with a reliable service. We have refined the concept of matrimonial sites in Pakistan. Finding the perfect partner is not a stressful task anymore. We are here to provide you with the support you need to get married.

We are a trusted source to find your ideal partner 

We have created a safe platform for people to find the partner of their dreams. Finding a partner has now become easy because we will provide you with a variety of perfect matches for you. Whether you are looking for a partner for yourself or want to find a partner for your son or daughter using our platform will satisfy all your needs. We are a trusted company that has helped hundreds of people to find their soulmates.

Our revolutionary matchmaking services have connected many hearts 

RishtaPakistan.pk is the best source to connect to good families all over Pakistan. We are a trusted company that will ensure that you get in touch with reasonable matches. Hundreds of people have met their life partners through our platform.

We aim to provide revolutionary matchmaking services to the people who have joined our platform. Visit our website now and search through a wide variety of potential life partners for yourself. If you are looking for a reliable Pakistan Shadi website, then look no further.

Find your ideal life partner on our platform 

The best thing about our platform is that you can get colossal information about your potential match on the website. You can check out the potential groom or bride’s profile to know more about them. Registering to our website will allow you to get a variety of options to choose from. You can find your dream partner according to your preference by using our matrimonial website.

Our secure portal is one of the safest zones to find your partner. You can find authentic information about your potential match and can shortlist all the profiles you are considering. Matches are made in heaven but our platform allows you to connect to your soul mate on earth. You don’t have to waste your money on publishing advertisements in newspapers anymore because with just a few clicks you can explore a variety of potential candidates.

Personalized Matchmaking For Pakistanis

The Pakistani matrimonial website works like an online marriage bureau. However, the best part is that these websites are free of cost. You can contact anyone yourself after checking out various options. You will be delighted to know that matrimonial websites offer personalized matchmaking for Pakistanis. There are plenty of upper-class and elite proposals that are suitable for many.

All you need is to make your profile and once it is approved, you can start your search. Whether you want to contact a registered proposal or browse other profits, it is easy. If you are looking for a proposal for your son, daughter, or even a relative, there are many good options.

Fortunately, Pakistani Citizens along with overseas Pakistanis can use the matrimonial sites. It has now become easy to find a proposal of your choice. Some families cannot afford to give high fees to the marriage bureau. However, we can make everything look easy and convenient for you.

A wedding is an important decision in your life and we make it easy

Pakistani matrimonial websites understand that wedding is an important decision in everyone’s life. You can find a suitable match for yourself with an authentic website. When you register your profile on the website, start searching right away. The search results will be based on age, cast, country, and city. Pakistanis living in other parts of the world can take assistance from these websites. When you register your profile by adding your number and email, the website will keep your privacy intact.

How to register?

If you want to register on the Pakistani matrimonial website. Follow these simple steps and get started:

Register your profile

The first step is to register your profile on the matrimonial website. You must fill out the important details. Once your email will be verified your profile will be checked by the authorities. You can put up your photos to attract the right proposals.

Search Profiles

When your profile is approved it is time to get started. You can start searching for proposals by filtering the research. The best part is that you will get to see proposals based on gender, age, location, and more. You can get the preferred proposals based on your requirements.


If you find a good proposal, it will be easy to show your interest to them. All you can do is send them a message for free. When the other person finds you good enough, they can share their contact details.

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