Tesla Buying Guide
Tesla Buying Guide

Tesla Buying Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Back when it was founded in 2003, who would have thought that Tesla would one day become the fastest-growing brand in the world? Well, that is the reality we are living in today! As per Statista, the brand experienced a growth rate of approximately 157 percent in 2021.

As the world continues to go through a digital revolution that has transformed the way we live our lives, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the demand for electric cars as well as self-driven vehicles is increasing.

If you are looking into finally buying a Tesla, here is everything you ought to know about the car-buying journey.

Getting a test drive

Buying a Tesla is not a conventional process. This is because, unlike other brands, Tesla does not have traditional dealerships and stores where you can walk in to test drive your desired models. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot drive the vehicle before buying it.

The only issue is that every tesla store has only a few models available for test driving. So, it can get challenging to find your desired Tesla car for sale and get some driving time in it.

Then, how should you proceed?

Just by a simple heads-up call before visiting the Tesla store! Call the local stores and get an appointment for test driving. You can also signup on their website.

Also, check whether Tesla is even allowed to do test drives in your state. There are certain dealership laws that forbid it from doing so.

In case you live in a state where its stores are not allowed to offer such drives, you can sign up for their test drive events, available on the website that offers such opportunities. However, know that this option can get a bit taxing.

Buying the Tesla

One of the key ways Tesla is revolutionizing the automotive industry is how it sells its cars.

Stripping away from the traditional dealer franchise, Tesla actually prefers that buyers purchase its cars directly from the brand via its website. The good thing about this mode of purchase is that you can configure your car model as a customer as you like.

But, if you don’t wish to step out of your comfort zone, you can also visit Tesla stores, which are somewhat limited. For instance, there are only 13 such stores available in the entirety of the UK. But, the in-store experience does offer customers a chance to learn more about each car.

Choosing the ‘secret’ cars

Who said only Starbucks had a secret menu that only the ‘known’ few order? It turns out there is a secret menu in the world of Tesla as well!

For example, a Standard Range Model 3 Tesla is available for 35,000 USD. You have to choose the ‘Standard Range Plus’ Model from the website to get it. After paying the initial order fee but before agreeing to the purchase agreement, call Tesla and ask for the exact model.

The brand will take a few days to proceed with your request. Only sign the final paperwork when you see the right price on it.

Similarly, if you want a model yet to be released but has already been introduced by the brand, you can pre-order it like phones! You will be charged an upfront pre-order fee to reserve your vehicle, given in the order of reservations received.

Financing the Tesla

Like other dealerships and automotive brands, Tesla also offers its customers the option of leasing and financing vehicles. Also, while previously, Tesla was known for its premium-priced vehicles, they are slowly becoming more financially feasible for the masses as well, making them affordable.

Moreover, Tesla also accepts you bring your own financing options, including credit unions or bank loans. Owing to their lesser impact on the environment, you will find credit unions that offer a discount for financing such vehicles!

However, the only catch in using external financing options is that credit unions don’t quickly give the upfront check. You need to get signed documents as well as the pink slip. But, on the other hand, Tesla prefers getting its payment upfront. So, reconciling the two can be a little tricky.

So, always approach a lender who has dealt with Tesla loans and knows about the process.

Preparing for the Tesla

Now that you are well aware of how to purchase the Tesla car of your dream, now is the time to get ready for when it is delivered to you.

Begin by finding all the information via your Tesla account. This includes the delivery date and the documents you must provide on the arrival of the vehicle.

Also, think about placement for car charging – unless you wish to solely rely on Tesla’s supercharger network. While this network is quite expansive, it is a hassle that you can avoid by having your own EV. Home charging is also more cost-effective than visiting the networks.

The best place for setting up a home charging spot is in the garage. For starters, if you already have an RV outlet over there, you don’t need to alter your electrical system. Check to see if you can find an adapter for the outlets in your garage.

Tesla recommends using the NEMA 14-50 power outlet, but an expert will help identify other outlets as well.

It’s Tesla Time!

With all the knowledge from above, you are ready to purchase your first Tesla. Which model is ideal for you is something only you can decide.

Identify what features you want in your car and compare the different Tesla cars available based on cost, features, and availability. Shortlist and book a test drive to get the true driving experience. Finally, consider different financing options and select the most feasible one for you.

With this car buying process, you will be fully equipped to make the right decision. Good luck!

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