Things you will enjoy doing in Tulum


Tulum is a famous location on the Yucatan Peninsula with a rich history of Mayan cultures, though now ruins remain. It is major attraction of Tulum. Here is a guide to help you visit the place of Tulum.

Top Highlights of Tulum

There are a lot of things you’ll enjoy doing in Tulum. From checking out the Mayan ruins to beach stays and bike riding, you have a lot of activities to entertain yourself.

Discover the Tulum Mayan Ruins 

The archaeological Tulum ruins are the major attraction of the place. The charm, appeal, and energy of this historical place are what tourists love. The ruins are scattered all over the beach, radiating a breathtaking scene.

There are guides to explain the historical importance of the place. You can always take a private tour guide for a good experience if you want.

Often visitors book a private transfer from Cancun to Tulum to enjoy an entire day at this place. Hiring a shuttle ride in advance is one of the best ways to travel from Cancun to Tulum. The shuttle company sends a driver to the Cancun airport that takes you directly to your Tulum hotel. One of the best benefits of choosing a shuttle company is that they take care of your privacy, comfort, and time. They offer you the luxury of traveling in your comfort zone.

Caribe Shuttle is one of the best shuttle companies to meet your personal transportation needs. It offers you affordable, exotic, comfortable, and convenient riding journeys to your preferred destination. 

Visit a Cenote

The cenote locations in Tulum are gigantic and diverse, and you have many amazing locations to enjoy. Enjoy swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, or just casual strolling through these awe-inspiring, breathtaking locations. Some favorite cenotes are Cenote Escondido, Casa Cenote, Gran Cenote and Cenote Cristal. 

Enjoy visiting the Adventure Parks

Around 30 minutes from Tulum, you will find several adventure parks that will give you quite an experience. 

The most known is Xcaret, with twisty canals to swim through. There are hiking, cultural shows, and amazing beach coves to explore. Tourists can also enjoy zip lines, rafting, snorkeling, and other water activities.

Explore the beach

With so many amazing beaches around you, the place is no less than a dreamy spot. Bring your swimsuit with you to enjoy a perfect day at the beach. Enjoy kitesurfing for a terrific experience in Tulum.

Discover the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve comprises old tropical canals, rainforest, wildlife, and coral reefs. If you love adventure, this is one place you would love to explore. Pick a boat ride, check out the manatees and sea turtles, and have some me-time under a forest canopy.

Enjoy the Jungle life

The jungle all around Tulum offers you some exciting adventure. You can enjoy a jungle tour through ATV rides, cenote swimming, and zip-line. Explore Tulum through adventure parks will give you a different experience. 

These are some things to do in Tulum. You will have an exciting day here if you reach the place on time. Make sure you don’t tire yourself by riding in public transportation. Book Caribe Shuttle for a perfect private transfer ride.


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