Your Guide to Finding a Buyer’s Agent in Sydney

Buying a new property is a daunting task. While finding land to live in, rent, or start a company is exciting, the various variables involved in property hunting will have you reaching for an ibuprofen pill to cure the building headache. Especially in Sydney, which is home to over 600 suburbs, finding a property is easy, but finding the right property can be challenging. If you want to avoid popping in aspirin pills, there is another cure for your headache: a buyer’s agent. Hiring a buyer’s agent in Sydney will help you look for the perfect house in the city without having you pull your hair out of frustration.

What Does a Buyer’s Agent Do?

Where selling agents work on behalf of property sellers, buyer agents work for the property buyers. A buyer’s agent scouts the best possible locations, houses, and properties based on your needs and preferences. Whether you wish to live near Coogee Beach or in Central Sydney, somewhere around Barangaroo, a buyer’s agent will research the properties in your desired locations and their market value, negotiate, and save you the time, stress, and money of researching yourself.

How to Hire a Buyer’s Agent in Sydney

Real Estate Licence

Australian law states that all real estate agents must have a licence to run their business. Ensure your agent has the proper licence, documents, and credentials to practice real estate activities. Not only is a licence mandatory, but it also indicates the agent is authentic and approved.

Your Budget

There are two types of buyer’s agents: independent and recruited. An independent agent charges hourly, whereas a recruited agent’s fee is part of the purchasing cost. Hire a buyer’s agent whose contractual system aligns with your requirements and pocket.

Off-Market Sales

Before employing a buyer’s agent, ensure they have access to off-market properties. Off-market properties are lands that are available but have not entered the market publicly. Looking at off-market housings allows the buyer to avoid heavy market competition. In addition to off-market properties, ensure your buyer’s agent keeps you posted on various locations, even if it might not be your preferred area. It is always best to have multiple options when looking for a property. You never know what might click.

Reviews and Testimonials

When hiring a buyer’s agent, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is checking out their reviews, ratings, and testimonials from previous and current clients. Reviews help you understand their working process, costs, and service quality. 

Experience and Knowledge

Hiring a buyer’s agent with years of experience gives them the confidence, expertise, and market knowledge to provide you with the best listing options. Since purchasing a property is a considerable investment, ensure the agent has the necessary market insights, industry information, and adequate knowledge about current properties and housing locations.

A Full-Fledged Team

A buyer’s agent who works with a team of industry experts, accountants, builders, property examiners and managers assures you that your property search is in safe hands. An accountant and a property specialist on the team can inform you about the market value and curate a list of housing that would increase your returns.

Final Thoughts

Before hiring a buyer’s agent in Sydney, first and foremost, ensure they have a real estate license. Sydney is full of beautiful and safe suburbs, and with the right agent, you can secure the safest, the most convenient, and the most beautiful house to live in.


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