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Home Security Service, LLP is an established company that has been serving Vermont and Southern New Hampshire since 1969. Richard Alexander, the company’s founder, retired from his job as a Vermont State Trooper in 1969. After completing high school, Richard’s son Tim began working full time for his father. After his father passed away in 1997, Tim continued to lead the company. In this article, we discuss the benefits of a professional home security service.


If you are on a budget, you may want to consider installing your own home security system. While some home security companies offer equipment for very low up-front costs, others charge monthly fees for monitoring services. Some even offer to finance for the up-front cost of the equipment, but these plans often require contracts and can be difficult to break. Even if you have a credit rating, you should carefully review the terms and conditions before signing on the dotted line. Some services offer equipment for only a few hundred dollars, while others require you to spend several thousand dollars.

The costs of installing a security system vary by brand, function, and complexity. Basic systems can cost as little as $100, while more complex systems can cost up to $2,000. For large homes, you’ll probably need more cameras and long wires. Some companies offer discounts on installation if you commit to three years. Hardwired systems require more labor and may cost between $60 and $150 per hour. Activation fees can range from $25 to $100 but are worth the extra money if you need 24-hour monitoring.


Home security services have a range of features to keep your property and family safe. These services can offer installation and monitoring services, and provide equipment to assist in smart-home automation. There are many different companies offering these services, so make sure you understand what you need before you sign up. Listed below are some of the most important features to look for in a home security system. To find out more about these services, please contact us today!

Your location is important when choosing the features and monitoring system for your home. A home on a cul-de-sac may require different features than a home located on the main street. Also, homes located near lakes or wooded areas may be at a higher risk of flooding or fire. Your household may need extra protection if you have many visitors and deliveries. If you’re not home, a security camera and doorbell will provide added protection. Keypad locks can also be installed so you can easily let people in and out of your home.


If you’re looking to sign up for a home security service, you’ll likely need to sign a contract. The contracts offered by security companies typically last for one to five years, and some of them include automatic renewal clauses. If you don’t cancel early, you could end up in yet another lengthy commitment. Likewise, if you don’t cancel on time, you may face steep termination fees and a bleak credit report.

There are several reasons why you may want to cancel a security service contract. One is that you’re moving house. It’s not unusual to decide to sell a house or move, but you may not have the same security needs in the new house. Regardless, you’ll still need to make sure that the security company is able to provide service in the new place. Alternatively, you can move your security system with you if you want to. Just be sure to pay the moving fee – this can range from $25 to $100. Some companies won’t allow you to move parts of their systems or may require you to purchase a new system altogether.

Reputation Of Home Security Companies

Before choosing a home security company, check its reputation in your area. While many cities have an excellent reputation for home security, others may not. In those cities, false alarms can cost residents over $200 in the event the police fail to respond. Another consideration is whether the security company employs a mobile security force. A company’s reputation may make it difficult to select the best system for your needs, but it is worthwhile to read reviews before making your final decision.

ADT and Bay are two of the largest home security companies in the country, with huge overhead. While ADT and Bay have comprehensive security systems, the costs are passed along to customers. Choosing a company that has a reputation for providing excellent service is a smart move. While Bay and ADT are huge, their reputations are not. The cost of owning their own 24/7 monitoring centers means they have a better reputation than smaller companies.

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