How to choose a hand dryer. Which hand dryer to buy?

The principle of operation of electric hand dryers is very simple. For most models of dryers, it is enough to bring your hands to the device and it will immediately work and turn on the automatic heater with a fan, other models are equipped with an on / off button. Dryers with automatic mode are equipped with electronic motion sensors, such that they give a signal to turn on the dryer when hands approach. After the hands are removed, the device also automatically turns off. Electric dryers do not require special instructions for use and special skills in handling them, which means that they are easy to install, and even a child can handle them.


Drying your hands if there is no towel or napkin at hand can be easy in just a few seconds if a special electric dryer is available.

At the same time, when choosing a dryer, it is important to pay attention to a number of characteristics and technical parameters, among which the type of inclusion, power, and material from which the device is made are especially important.


The “good old” classic models of dryers are switched on with a button, newer models often have automatic switching on.

The most common option in this case is the inclusion, focused on a non-contact touch infrared sensor. Typically, such a sensor works from movement, i.e. he “feels” when hands are brought to the dryer and turns it on.

Firstly, it is very convenient (no need to grab the button with wet hands), secondly, it is hygienic (non-contact technology is, as you know, the best invention for public places), and thirdly, it is useful for extending the operation of the device (after all, ladies and gentlemen, you will agree that the probability of damage to the dryer due to an awkward touch is minimized).

But when purchasing an electric hand dryer with an infrared sensor, you should definitely remember that it will turn on, in fact, it can from any movement in the “area” of its location. Therefore, if the room is very small, it is crowded in it, then such a dryer may start to turn on in vain (since, willy-nilly, you can get into the perimeter of its “influence”).

And, if the room is large, but the dryer with contactless inclusion will be located directly above the washbasin, then the inclusion can be carried out even from the fact that you just wash your hands. Of course, this is not rational (the equipment in this case is wasted).

Therefore, when purchasing such a dryer, you need to carefully plan the optimal place for its installation.


There are two types of dryers on the market today – plastic and metal (mainly stainless steel, or sometimes anodized aluminum).

It makes sense to buy plastic dryers if budget savings are of fundamental importance for you, and the number of people using the dryer will not be very large.

At the same time, dryers made of polypropylene or polycarbonate are of the highest quality.

Metal hand dryers (very often called anti-vandal) due to their increased strength are ideal for unguarded premises with high traffic.


Please note that when talking about the power of the dryer, it is important to keep in mind that you should pay attention to both the power of the engine and the power of the heating elements.

The ideal option is when the power of the heating elements is about 95% of the total power of the electric dryer motor.

Many people think that if you care about electricity, you should not buy a dryer with a total motor power exceeding 2,000 W (after all, even electric dryers with a power of 1600 – 17000 can provide a duty cycle of 10-18 seconds). And, if this parameter is not fundamentally important, and the main thing for you is that the device quickly dries your hands, pay attention to professional models with a power of 2,500 – 2,600 watts.

But this is not entirely true. Yes, a less powerful dryer will always use less electricity. But in order to dry hands qualitatively, it will have to work longer than its competitor. Therefore, from the point of view of electricity costs, there is no particular gain here. But in terms of hand comfort, you can win. After all, the most powerful dryers “fry” and dry the skin.

Therefore, the main thing is to decide which criteria to put “at the forefront” – the efficiency of the drying process or the comfort of the hands.

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Although, some manufacturers are able to find a compromise, installing not only a sufficiently powerful engine, but also a very powerful fan, whose air flow helps to optimize the conditions necessary for comfort. Although the presence of a heavy-duty motor and the same fan, of course, significantly increases the energy class of the dryer.

In addition, there are models where there is a mode for switching air flow rates (classic and turbo – dehumidification mode).


Many high-performance electric hand dryers (especially those with a very powerful fan) also have an increased noise level. And, in principle, if an electric hand dryer is installed in a public toilet, then the noise level is not fundamentally important.

But, if you purchase an electric dryer for a spa salon, “tuned” for relaxation, then there can be no talk of any noise. For these purposes, electric dryers are equipped with special devices that can suppress both noise and vibration. However, of course, these are already quite complex designs, which significantly increase the cost of the electric dryer.


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