Top 3 Reasons to Use Textured Laminates for Home Entrances

We all dream of having a well-decorated house where we can find positive vibes in every corner. From doors and windows to the paints on the walls are turned into our concerns. So, we always want to make our interior glow by considering every minute aspect of the house. The entrance of our houses characterises the vibes of the entire place. Hence, every homeowner wants to make a fine and good-looking entrance for their den. 


Apart from looks, we prefer durability and maintenance factors as well. Therefore, we all want to develop a cost-effective but eye-catching alternative for our house entrance. If you want to install hardwood, marble and ceramic at your entrance, you’ll have to bear a lump sum expense. So, to optimize the cost of the entrance interior, textured laminates are the best options available. 


The laminate sheets are very popular in the interior decoration of modern homes. As the laminates give you durability with alluring beauty with a wide range of variety. Therefore, for modern homeowners laminates are blessings in terms of budget and textures. In this article, we look into the options for decorating the house entrance. 


Why Should You Choose Royale Touche Laminates? 

If you are considering using laminates for decorating the entrance of your house, check out the range of laminates Royale Touche laminates have to offer before going for any other brand. We manufacture some of the best textured and coloured laminates that establish us as one of the sought-after brands in India. 


Our high-pressure laminates are extremely durable and suitable for both exterior and interior use. They are scratch, stain, heat and humidity resistant and can withstand a considerable amount of weight. With Royale touche laminates you can get the premium quality of high-pressure laminates that will not only enhance the look of your entrance but also last for years.


Most Important Reasons to Use Textured Laminates

You can install the laminates within a budget to make your home entrance look appealing. Various options in textured laminates are available that you can use to deck up your house entrance instead of expensive materials. Several premium textured laminates can mimic the look of natural materials like wood, stones, marbles or granites. Use such laminates to provide your home entrance with some grandeur. Apart from making your home look super stylish and modern, laminate sheets have other features as well, making them the current favourite of all homeowners and interior designers. Let us get a clearer idea of how using laminates can benefit you. 



When it comes to affordable extravagance, laminate sheets can beat any other material. The cost-effectiveness makes it ideal for covering larger areas. If you are living in a house having a huge entrance door with a long passageway, cladding them in marble or hardwood can go heavy on your pocket. Rather by using textured laminates you can easily get the desired look within your budget. 

Better styling 

It is needless to say that textured laminates will make your house entrance look anything but dated. For a contemporary yet elegant finish laminating any surface is the best idea. With the wide array of laminate designs available in textured laminates, you don’t have to limit your creativity and settle for less. Be it vintage classic or modern sleek, you can decorate the home entrance in any style, keeping up with the rest of the interior. 

Easy to maintain 

No matter what or how we choose to refurbish our home entrance, the aspect of maintenance will be always on our minds. Proper maintenance is necessary to keep the shine and look intact for a long time. For that reason, all of us want something easy to maintain. Digital textured laminate sheets require minimal maintenance both in terms of expenses and labour. You only need a clean damp piece of cloth to wipe down the dust accumulated on the surface and make it shine like a new one. Just avoid using any harsh chemical cleaners or other abrasive material to rub the surface. 


In a nutshell

Decorative laminates can transform the vibe of any space effortlessly. They are easy to install, easy to maintain and easy on the pockets. Whether you want to experiment with your interior design or play safe, there is one laminate design to fit each of your requirements. We, at Royale Touche laminates, are always eager to help our customers in obtaining the desired outcome.


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