What Colour To Wear This Eid?

Nowadays, it’s not just about picking the best dress or suit to wear to Eid Salah, but also the best colour to wear. With so many different shades and tones available in the market, it can be hard to pick out something that works for you, especially if you have your own idea of what colour looks good on you. That’s why we put together this guide on what colour to wear this Eid—whether you’re dressing up yourself or your little girls. Also check out House of Faiza, if you are looking for beautiful clothes for this Eid.


Eid is all about colours! A red dress is a great choice because it’s visually appealing, and it flatters most skin tones. Red also signifies good fortune and success in many cultures, which makes it a popular colour for weddings and ceremonies. 

However, keep in mind that some women feel self-conscious wearing red as they think it’s too vibrant or attention-grabbing. If you fall into that category, opt for soft shades of light pink or baby blue instead.


The Blue colour represents tranquillity and serenity. In fact, a whole range of blue hues are appropriate – turquoise, indigo and even aquamarine all look fantastic on Eid. These shades of blue complement most skin tones and work well with black and brown outfits. 

Additionally, they add an element of sophistication and panache to your Eid outfit, which is perfect if you are going out in public or attending any kind of function during Eid click here.


The colour of nature, green is associated with prosperity and growth. It’s a colour that’s easy to pair and wear. Wear green on Eid as a sign of good health and well-being. The colour of balance in life. Green is also a colour of renewal (for trees), and rebirth (in terms of religious meanings) so it works especially well for Eid celebrations because Eids are about renewal in so many ways. 

So don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm by being green! If you aren’t big into wearing greens then tone it down by wearing rich emerald jewellery or accessories if you want to be festive without being loud about it!


When it comes to what colour to wear on Eid, many women often ask, What’s my best colour in gold? The answer is any shade of gold you love. One thing that defines gold are its rich tones; with both light and dark shades included. So you can pair your golden skirt or dress with a multitude of tops; everything from ivory blouses and pastel-coloured shalwar kameez is flattering against golden hues.


No colour is more closely associated with weddings than white. The hue simply screams romance, and it works particularly well during Ramadan when you want your clothing to stick out from a sea of men in traditional white kurtas and shalwar kameezes. You’ll find that most Pakistani women gravitate toward light pastels or soft whites, but if that doesn’t feel right to you, opt for a solid fabric instead.


This is a versatile colour that goes with nearly any outfit. The cream/ivory shade is a great option if you don’t want your outfit to stand out. It also goes well with a wide variety of colours, making it easy to match with other clothes and accessories that you already own. While they may not necessarily be traditional Eid colours, wearing them will make you look sophisticated and elegant.

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