What Dinosaur has 500 Teeth? : All the information you need
What Dinosaur has 500 Teeth? : All the information you need

What Dinosaur has 500 Teeth? : All the information you need

On reddit, the nigersauraus rose to meme fame. Essentially, the meme said, “Don’t google what dinosaur has 500 teeth.” So, basically, this was the meme. 500-toothed dinosaurs existed 115 million years ago in Nigeria. Small-sized Nigeria is located in West Africa. So, consider what this dinosaur might have looked like then. What about how it was found? So, where exactly will we talk about this dinosaur with 500 teeth?

The dinosaur was discovered, and Phillippe Taquet initially mentioned it in a 1976 study paper. The remnants of this species were found by French palaeontologist Phillippe Taquet, although the entire skeleton has yet to be located.

Paul Sereno, an American palaeontologist from the University of Chicago, was active in that year. In Nigeria, he found the entire skeleton. After that, in 2007, his coworker Jeffery A. Willson found the dinosaur’s skull and learned about its feeding habits. He also gave the National Geography in Washington a full-scale plastic model of this dinosaur’s skull.

Why was Nigersaurus called by this dinosaur?

Due to its name, Nigersaurus has become a meme on the internet. However, if you give this name some serious thought. This name is scientific in nature and appears to have a scientific origin. The scientific name of this dinosaur is Nigersaurus taqueti, which is short for “niger reptile” and belongs to the Nigersaurus genus.

The first discoverer Phillippe Taqueti is responsible for giving this dinosaur its name.

Was it true that this animal had 500 teeth?

Researchers began studying this dinosaur’s skull when its skull was created. They eventually come to the conclusion that this animal does indeed have 500 teeth. The fact that teeth were not permanent was also noted. Old teeth eventually give way to new ones. Overall, though, it can be said that this mammal has 500 teeth.

This dinosaur resembles sauropods in appearance. Compared to tickers, this species has smaller heads and thicker legs. Only 9m tall, this animal. Paleontologists estimate that the dinosaur weighed roughly 4 tonnes. We might therefore conclude that this dinosaur was the same height and weight as an elephant of the present. This animal’s unusual body composition results in a small neck and only 13 cervical vertebrae.

Nigersaurus skull has four holes. Fenestra are the name for these entrances. In comparison to other dinosaurs, this one is more significant. The snouts of Nigersaurus are short. Their snot tip was proportional to the tooth series, and their tooth had perfect symmetry.


Although they are now ancient, many species were living millions of years ago. It is a wonderful thing that legitimate communities are looking into and identifying these animals’ telltale signals. I must therefore answer the question, “What dinosaur has 500 teeth?” in this post. I hope you found this post to be useful.

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