. Nicor Gas Files For $321 Million Rate Hike

NAPERVILLE, IL – Residential gas bills in Chicago-area communities have recently seen an increase due to regulated utility Nicor Gas filing with Illinois regulators for a proposed rate hike of $321 Million.

Southern Company owns numerous energy ventures. One subsidiary is Tropical Shipping of Florida, which operates a fleet of containerized ships.


SaveOnEnergy is an online resource dedicated to helping consumers shop for energy plans and rates in deregulated markets. This service lists available energy options in each area before connecting visitors with retail electricity providers who provide those options.

Energy.gov also offers helpful articles about ways to save energy, such as switching off devices that aren’t being used. While it cannot calculate your home’s energy usage for you directly, a formula does exist that helps estimate it.

SaveOnEnergy was established in Texas in 2003 by Red Ventures’ media division and serves the state’s deregulated markets. Their online marketplace claims to have served over 1 million customers since they launched. They hold an A rating with Better Business Bureau, offer customer service email, Facebook, Twitter and phone support and register on Trustpilot with an A+ rating; saveOnEnergy also connects visitors with solar experts.

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Save on energy with online account management and bill pay options that provide alerts about billing, outages, or high energy use. Sign up for AutoPay so you’ll never have to worry about missing payments; the process is quick and simple to set up! Plus, with text bill alerts available now you can now pay your bill, obtain your balance information or receive notifications of “bill ready” alerts by text message! Simply enter your phone number into the Recovery Field on screen for text notification or enter it manually!

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Nicor login is Illinois’s premier natural gas provider, supporting local communities through philanthropic efforts aimed at bill payment assistance, food security and economic opportunity. Their energy experts can assist with finding an energy plan tailored specifically for your home or business.

First step toward cutting energy costs: compare supply rates. Enter your ZIP code on the Choose Energy marketplace to explore your local rates and plans available near you. Nicor will still deliver natural gas; be wary of people knocking on your door offering lower gas rates than their utility as they could be scam artists that steal personal information or commit other fraud; NICOR stands strong when protecting its customers’ interests.

Report a Leak

Reporting leaks helps RCSD combat community water waste, expedite repairs more efficiently and ensure your water stays flowing smoothly. To submit a leak report, fill out and submit this form below.

If you notice discolored vegetation near a gas pipeline or detect the distinct “rotten egg” odor of natural gas, call Nicor Gas immediately and leave the area. Never touch or enter any structures suspected to contain leakage as this could expose yourself to harm.

Your home may make a hissing sound when there is an appliance leak or service line rupture. As an extra safety measure, Nicor Gas adds mercaptan to natural gas as a precaution, so if you detect this smell – commonly associated with rotten eggs – immediately evacuate and stay away from any appliances, light switches, matches etc. Nicor Gas’ crew of experts will arrive shortly to investigate if it’s an actual natural gas leak or not.

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