What Is The Legal Address, Step-By-Step Instructions For Changing Her

What Is The Legal Address, Step-By-Step Instructions For Changing Her

What Is The Legal Address?

Now we will find out what legal addresses are. The thing is that recently, Russia began to operate new registration rules and re-registration of individual entrepreneurs and organizations. They said the term had started to play an important role. Therefore, you should pay attention to it. Established legislation is now forced to provide legal addresses for organizations. In the past, it was not.

What led to this innovation? And what qualities should be ready entrepreneurs, as well as legal persons / organizational executives? Nothing terrible happened. Understanding the legal address is not so difficult. And replace them in line with the new rules, too.


The first thing you should pay attention to is what the meaning of these terms give earlier. There is no specific terminology. In any state, it is found to be a similar concept. Therefore, only the legal address takes place in Russia. But what is it? Earlier, this term described the actual place of registration of the organization or individual entrepreneur. That is, this address allows you to provide feedback to management. We can say that this is the main branch of the organization. When it comes to IP, which is running on your own, think that such a legal address, not worth it. It usually refers to the place where citizens live. There is nothing incomprehensible.

In other words, said term is a constant location of the organization, which can contact the head. Most often used to determine the company’s actual address (no branches) or, as has been said, the head office. But all this is no longer stated in the law. And in 2014, now it should be clearly understood that such a legal address. But changes to component registration and re-registration came into force in 2016. Since it is now possible to identify these concepts?


Since 2014 in Russia came into force with some changes. They have made the Civil Code change. From this period, the separation of organizational locations and legal addresses began.

Thus, the location is a place where the state-registered enterprise or entrepreneur indicates the municipality (city), which is the organization in Russia. This term refers to the place of registration. And what is your business address? The exact definition is still not given. But at the same time, the Civil Code specifies that the legal type is called the precise location of the premises because of the head. It can be a residential address or location the head office is located. Learn more about the art business that how to explore your drawing ideas.

But there is a simple formulation. It determines the legal address at the moment. It is characterized by the data provided in the Unified. The coordinates are recorded as a said term. All other addresses – this is the actual location of the various branches.


So why should the differences between these terms be understood so clearly? In Russia in 2016 changed the procedures for changing legal addresses and locations. Previously, no significant differences in methods were not. Therefore it is necessary to understand how to prepare for the process.

There is a great difficulty – is the problem of determining the actual addresses of legal entities. Especially when it comes to small companies. The tax authorities check the conformity with the exact location of the company and its legal address. If the corporation does not yet have branches, it is necessary to align these parts.

Should I fear any liability if the actual and legal address of the company is different? Official – no. Law of any sanctions not provided. But the tax authorities may request clarification from the head of the company.

Fines can be only if the factual and legal addresses are in different places. In this situation, you can not wait for the penalties for tax registration. And nothing more. Such proposals usually do not occur.


Now a little about the order of registration and change of address. More recently, as already stated, the methods have changed little. From now on, you should notify Unified information about upcoming address changes. And the location as well. Previously, this was just enough of the first paragraph. Accordingly, depending on what will change location or legal address, the procedures require one or two stages. Read more about the business art of 3d drawing.

The main thing is to re-order what was complied with. Contrarily, you can require damage from the tax authorities. And, of course, the specified services do not accept documents for tax registration information without a change of address registered in the USRLE.

It is not all that changes. The law says no record of changing legal addresses is required if the location remains the same. But when the city changed registration, it will have to ensure that the founding Document and the programs contain information about the changes.


How is the change of legal address? Coaching is not so complicated. If you do not plan to change the village, it is much easier than it seems. The sequence of ideas is only one step but in several stages. How exactly? To improve your business address, you’ll require to:

  1. Make a statement on the introduction of standard pattern changes. The form will take №R140001.
  2. Collect a specific list of documents and attach them to the application. A complete list of papers will present a little later.
  3. Apply tax and await Receipt of recording sheets of amendments to EGRUL.

That’s all. No state duty or amending the charter and founding documents is not required. Thus, the registration of legal entities will remain precisely the same as before. But this, again, when it comes to maintaining the position of the organization. What if it changed?


Then, as has been said, it has to go through many levels. But if you warn, it is possible to carry out the re-registration procedure without any problems.

If the company location changes as there is a change of legal address? Coaching can look like the following:

  1. First chapter. Prepared an application for changing legal addresses and going to specific documents.
  2. Paid state duty specified size.
  3. All paperwork is available to the tax authority at the location of the organization.
  4. After a certain period, you can retrieve the changes with Unified confirmation.
  5. The second stage. In the USRLE, entered data about the change of location of the corporation because the decision should not go more than three working days.
  6. The tax makes the appropriate information based on decisions and sends this information to the territorial tax authority, where new recordings are planned.
  7. 20 days after the data is required, collect some documents and apply them to the tax office in the new region.
  8. Tax office confides authenticity of papers and information about the company.
  9. If there are no complaints, the organization made the registration in the new place. For the procedure stands out no more than 5 working days.

That’s all. Nothing complicated or unique. That is, first the change of legal address, and then – the location. It is the 2nd upcoming stage. But what documents are required in a particular case?


Everything is not as difficult as it seems. Legal addresses (samples of which are detailed below) change easily. The sequence of procedures is given earlier. And what documents are required?

To change the registered address without changing the location is required to submit the following documents:

  • Leader personality identity.
  • Application form a P 14001.
  • Minutes of decision.
  • Documents proving property rights (in the new location)-certificate of ownership, a lease/lease.

That’s all. So there is a variety of legal addresses. Step-by-step instructions will help avoid confusion in the process. And what paperwork is required if we are talking about changing the location of the company?


Papers, not as much as it seems. It is not difficult to guess, and they will be more than the re-registration of legal addresses within the same locality. For changes needed to bring:

  • Statement forms R13001 and R14001 (second first served).
  • Protocol for changing legal addresses.
  • Charter and generates documents with changes in several copies.
  • Receipt of payment of registration fees (800 rubles).
  • Document establishing the right to a new room.

First, as has been said, it is given in decision R14001 form of change legal address. Then the rest of the paper.


Now it is clear that the legal and factual addresses must match. And to order a change of speech in a particular case is known. It’s not so tough as it appears.

It is worth considering the situation with an example. There are companies LLC “Spetsstroy.” It is located in the town of Sovetsk in the Kaliningrad region on the street Ivana Susanna, house 30. There Sovetsk – this street. Ivan Susanin, d 30, -. Legal address.

All easy. The main thing is to understand is how to change the place of registration in a particular case. Then no problem. Registering a legal address and changing it – is no longer a complicated procedure.

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