future of the HHC industry

The cannabis plant has so many cannabinoids that sometimes it seems the plant exists for this purpose only. Researchers have identified over 100 cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, increasing the number. While Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) are the two most prominent and popular cannabinoids, there are many minor cannabinoids.

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a minor cannabinoid. Originally synthesized in 1947, this cannabinoid has received everyone’s attention recently. In the cannabis community, HHC at TRE House is often called’ the cannabinoid of the future. HHC has a very high growth potential as an effective alternative for THC. Moreover, the tight regulations around THC have further paved the way for the HHC.

Due to this, the HHC industry is proliferating to be a standalone industry instead of a part of the cannabis industry. So, let’s see more about HHC and its upcoming future as an industry.

What is HHC?

As already mentioned, HHC is a minor cannabinoid, and it is present in the trace amount in the cannabis or hemp plant. Due to the low availability, extracting HHC from the cannabis plant isn’t a feasible operation.

Scientifically speaking, HHC is just two more hydrogens added to the delta-9-THC. This is done through the process of isomerization. So, HHC is prepared synthetically in the laboratory using several cannabis extracts.

Future of HHC industry:

Like any other cannabis-based compound, HHC is also produced in several forms. These forms include vapes, hemp flowers, pre-rolled joints, and more. Among these products, Vapes and joints largely contribute to HHC sales.

Though HHC products are relatively new, they have acquired a fair share and are growing with a steady flow.

If we talk about the future of the HHC industry, it seems HHC products are going to stay in the market. Earlier, CBD and THC had a monopoly on the market, but now people are moving towards the minor cannabinoids. A majority of these cannabinoids have similar properties to THC and CBD but lower potency. So, let’s see why HHC will rule the cannabis-based industry.

Effective alternative to traditional cannabis products:

The majority of cannabis users consider CBD is too weak for them as it lacks the “high” feeling. At the same time, THC is potent and can knock them out for more extended periods. Due to this, now users prefer those products which provide all the benefits of THC but with minor intoxication.

HHC is roughly 69% as potent as THC on the potency level and produces similar effects to THC. The effects of HHC include a feeling of happiness, increased energy, and a low level of euphoria.

Low handling risk:

Most cannabis-based products are delicate and have a low shelf life. Moreover, those products also need a particular handling procedure, such as proper storage. For example, edibles like gummies and chocolates need the right temperature and refrigeration.

Compared to other cannabis products, HHC has a much longer shelf life. It means HHC could be stored for more extended periods without hampering the potency. Moreover, it is also highly resistant to improper handling and exposure to heat and UV light. Due to these factors, experts believe the demand for HHC products will increase.

So, experts believe soon HHC will overtake the large market share of traditional cannabis products such as CBD and THC.


Another factor that will further help grow the HHC industry is legality. Federally, HHC is a legal cannabinoid available readily throughout the United States (US). Most cannabis-derived products lie in a legal grey area except delta-9 THC, which is illegal.

Due to the federal legal status, the HHC industry will grow exponentially in the future. Moreover, experts believe the HHC market will see a significant boost once the Covid-19 pandemic subdues completely.

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global cannabis market was approx $20.47 billion in 2020. The website says the global cannabis market can grow to $197 billion by 2028. Experts believe many of these figures will come from cannabinoids such as HHC.


HHC is relatively new in the cannabis industry, and other than die-hard fans, rarely does anyone know about it. However, the potential medicinal benefits of HHC are making sure its ability goes up to the last medical cannabis user. The awareness will grow further with more clinical evidence showing the apparent benefits of HHC.

The increasing awareness will also help in making policy reforms. While products such as HHC are in a legal gray area, attention will make sure it becomes fully mainstream and legal.

Moreover, the cannabinoid sector is often considered a high-risk industry due to which financial institutions often hesitate to fund these businesses. This situation will also change in the future, giving the HHC industry a much-needed boost.

Can HHC replace CBD and THC?

HHC is mild to high psychoactive and has almost the same properties as THC. Compared to THC, which is highly stimulating, HHC provides a calmer and relaxed high. Due to this, for cannabis lovers, it is the best of both worlds.

However, due to low awareness and lack of clinical research, it’s impossible to replace established products such as CBD and THC. Up until now, there are only two cannabis-based drugs, Sativex and Epidiolex. Between these two, only Epidiolex is approved by the FDA.

So, If shortly, any HHC containing drug gets approval from the FDA, then only it will be accepted by people quickly. Otherwise, HHC will take more time to establish itself in the industry.


According to the users and anecdotal evidence, HHC products are effective in many ailments. While the product is new, manufacturers have flooded the market with products.

Most of the cannabis businesses out there think the HHC business will stay longer than the CBD and THC. At present, neither the FDA nor DEA is targeting HHC products. However, there is a constant risk of laws changes affecting the market.

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