5 Most Trending Benefits Of The Back Pregnancy Massage

The news of a female’s pregnancy brings huge happiness in a couple’s life. A female has to handle it for 9 months so, she feels all changes during it. Every part of it is no doubt the best time of her life. Furthermore, it is a time when a woman must take greater care of herself. Apart, from happiness pregnancy also brings some discomforts for females. Some of the most obvious discomforts are morning sickness, soreness, and back pain. Females get pregnancy massage to ease all discomforts of pregnancy. But don’t take this massage at the initial stage of your pregnancy.

Well, it’s clear that females are in favour of pregnancy massage at Pregnancy Spa London. But having a back massage during pregnancy is doubtful. Females think a lot about taking this kind of massage. Because they can’t risk their pregnancy at any cost. So, it’s important to discuss back massage for their comfort. Back massage offers various benefits to pregnant females. They need to be aware of all of them.

Can Pregnant Women Have Back Massage?

Back pain most of the time keeps pregnant women overwhelmed. So, women feel the temptation for the back massage. But because of a doubt, most of them don’t prefer to have it. So, it’s time to provide relief to women from this doubt. There was an ambiguity about its benefits before. But recent studies have shown that massage therapies benefit pregnant women. The safe back massage approach can be utilized at any time of pregnancy. But before making any appointment it’s necessary to discuss with a gynecologist. Massage therapist usually avoids massage of those who are in their first month. Females experience a high risk of marriage during the first trimester.

Tremendous Advantages Of Having Back Massage:

Even though you have a doubt, but its tremendous benefits will attract you. It outweighs almost all concerns that pregnant females face.

1.    Deals With Hormone Regulation:

At the time of pregnancy, females experience more stress than normal life. It can be because of their first pregnancy or some family issues. The stress in pregnancy is extremely dangerous for the mother. Because the baby can’t bear the deadly consequences of the stress. Therefore, we always hear that pregnant female needs to be happy always. The prenatal back massage at Pregnancy Spa London regulates the hormones of females. It counteracts the negative effects of stress hormones by boosting the production of happy hormones. Because of bi-weekly massage for 5 weeks, the level of stress hormones drops significantly. As a result of hormone regulation cardiovascular health improves. Moreover, females always experience a fresh mood in pregnancy.

2.    Brings Improvement In Swelling:

Females experience swelling during pregnancy specifically in the last months. Swelling on legs, arms, and feet makes movement difficult for them. This happens because of the collection of joint fluids in one place. Massage won’t let fluids collect at one place. Even though swelling can’t be eliminated but massage reduces it to a great extent. So, that females feel at ease in making regular movements. Furthermore, back massage facilitates the excretion of toxic materials from lymph nodes.

3.    Provide Relief To Nerve Pain:

Due to an increase in size, the uterus balances itself by putting weight on the lower back and pelvic floor. This position of the uterus produces pressure on the adjacent nerves and that area swells up. The common term that refers to this kind of situation is “sciatic nerve pain.” The discomfort of this pain goes down to the thighs and legs of females. Back massage therapy at Pregnancy Spa London relieves tension from the nerves of that area. This produces a soothing effect on the inflamed nerve endings.

4.    Feeds Muscles And Soft Tissues With Oxygen:

During pregnancy, most of the time body experiences stiffness. Back massage therapy reduces that stiffness and improves blood circulation. When muscles receive their energy dose females don’t feel tiredness.

5.    Females Experience Quality Sleep:

Sleep issues during pregnancy is not a discovery. This happens because a female’s mind is unable to feel relaxation. So, to deal with sleep issues massage therapy can’t be neglected. Females good health is essential for keeping the health of the baby safe. Any kind of discomfort harms the health of the baby. Back massage therapy circulates relaxation in the whole body. Due to which the brain feels no stress and females can experience deep sleep with ease.

Necessary Things To Remember During Back Massage Therapy:

For the back massage, lie on the floor on one side or use the kneeling technique. Don’t forget to use pillows on either side of the expecting lady. One pillow is essential to provide support to her belly. The other one is to provide support for her neck and head. Place another pillow under the legs of the pregnant females to keep them in a comfortable position.

Necessary Precautionary Measures For Back Massage:
  • Ligament stretching is a real cause of discomfort and can put the fetus in danger.
  • After having a massage from London Pregnancy Spa, drink at least 250 ml water.
  • During the massage, the abdomen must not experience any kind of pressure.
  • Any kind of vigorous motion during massage therapy is not bearable.
  • In case of discomfort and dizziness, immediately seek medical attention.
  • Don’t allow the use of essential oils during massage, they can be dangerous because of their concentration.
  • Don’t take massage on the padding tables. Because you can’t risk the position of the abdomen.
  • Because of having premature labor before, it’s better to avoid massage therapy. Furthermore, avoid massage if you fall in a high-risk category.
  • Always choose a professional massage therapist if you want to seek professional help.

Concluding Comments:

Pregnant women can enjoy back massage at Meridian Spa but within precautionary measures. No doubt, back massage is beneficial, but not after risking safety. Pregnant ladies have to take good care of themself. Massage therapy helps them in doing so for themselves and their baby. Massage which females receives also indirectly benefits the baby. Similarly, any kind of negligence can be a danger for both.

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