Benefits of Kratom Tincture

7 Benefits of Kratom Tincture You Should Know

Kratom, a popular herbal supplement, is an Asian evergreen tree with leaves containing compounds that have mind-altering effects. These compounds, especially mitragynine and 7-α-hydroxy mitragynine, interact with opioid receptors in the brain, providing pain relief, mood elevation, and anxiety reduction.

For these reasons, there are many kratom products available, such as capsules, powder, or dried kratom leaves. However, these methods aren’t always an effective and potent way to take kratom. Hence, people are increasingly opting for tinctures for a fast-acting and easier way to get the most out of this herbal supplement.

What is Kratom Tincture?

Kratom tincture is the concentrated form of kratom mixed with an alcohol-based solvent, particularly ethanol. The solvents extract alkaloids of the plant, which are distilled to create a concentrated solution. Besides, these solvents preserve and enhance the effects on the specific kratom strain, making it more effective than the powder form.

Moreover, the liquid form quickly absorbs in the body compared to powder, and the desired effects ideally last up to 8 hours, making it an effective way of enjoying the potential benefits of kratom.For these reasons, users are increasingly opting for kratom tinctures for more potent and fast-acting effects.

Here are seven benefits of kratom tincture that’ll compel you to try this concentrated extract. Read more on Kratom tincture and its benefits

1.      Kratom Tinctures are More Potent

Kratom tinctures are made by soaking kratom extract in high-proof alcohol (manufacturers usually use ethanol) and water. This solution contains all the alkaloids and other natural compounds present in kratom, allowing very safe and effective delivery of all the potential health benefits.

Moreover, mixing kratom with ethanol increases the potency of kratom extracts, meaning you’ll enjoy intense effects from a small amount of kratom dose.

2.      Kratom Tincture Offer Superior Bioavailability

Most kratom supplements, including powder, dried leaves, and capsules, pass through the body’s digestive system before being absorbed. The digestive juices present in the stomach destroy most of the chemical compounds of the product, diminishing the healing benefits.

However, unlike capsules or tea, kratom tinctures are absorbed under the tongue’s mucous membranes that contain a network of capillaries and veins. This network absorbs the solution straight into the bloodstream, thus ensuring rapid kratom’s potent effects delivery.

Furthermore, kratom tinctures are highly potent and concentrated, so you’ll only need a small dose to reap maximum benefits.

3.      Kratom Tincture Deliver Precise Dosage

Kratom tinctures usually contain a dropper that sucks the liquid when squeezed and drips it into the mouth when released. The dropper consists of a transparent glass tube, which provides more flexibility in measuring kratom volume.

Tinctures administer a drop-by-drop dosage, helping you determine the minimum effective dosage. Besides, tinctures offer easier dosage adjustments, allowing users to measure the precise dose without overdosing. This feature assists users in selecting products with the right potency, which saves cost and results in more effective treatment.

In contrast, kratom powder or dried leaves are harder to titrate and must be mixed with a liquid to swallow, increasing the potential for dosage inaccuracy.

4.      Kratom Tincture Are Easier to Use

Kratom tinctures allow flexibility in terms of kratom intake. You can take them sublingually or orally, ensuring fast-acting effects. In addition, you can incorporate kratom tinctures into your favorite foods or drinks, including juices, ice creams, soups, and salads. Doing this will help you mask the tincture’s taste and offer a delicious way to consume kratom.

5.      Kratom Tinctures Have Longer Shelf Life

Tinctures contain alcohol-based solvents, particularly ethanol, which are an excellent preservative. These solvents ensure that kratom tinctures have a longer shelf-life than fresh kratom leaves or powder. Moreover, alcohol preserves the medicinal properties and effects of raw kratom for five years or longer.

Kratom tinctures, if appropriately stored, can last up to five years or longer while delivering the same potent effects.

6.      Kratom Tinctures are Portable and Discreet

Kratom tinctures come in small, compact bottles that easily fit into the pocket and purses. Besides, tinctures are usually spill-proof without any strong aroma, allowing users to carry them discreetly.

In addition, tinctures promote the discreet sublingual application. You only need to place a few drops directly under the tongue and hold them for 15 seconds for maximum absorption. This method is excellent for those who want to enjoy kratom benefits in public.

7.      Kratom Tinctures are Customizable

Kratom tinctures are a great DIY project and can be easily prepared at home. All you require is a jar, kratom, alcohol, and strainer. This allows you to create a mixture with your preferred ratio of kratom and alcohol, particularly ethanol, allowing greater control over the potency of the home-made tincture.

Furthermore, you can use glycerin as your solvent instead of alcohol for a less potent tincture.


Kratom tinctures are a more potent and effective way than powders and leaves to consume this herbal supplement. Besides, they are easy to take and store, unlike powder pouches that can’t be resealed once opened. Hence, try to use kratom tinctures to enjoy all the potential benefits offered by kratom.

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